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Roblox Content Deletion Lawsuit - Deleting in-game content without refunds

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Roblox Content Deletion Class Action Lawsuit – Illegally Deleting In-game Purchases Without Providing Refunds?

Class Action Lawsuit Details 

Lead plaintiff Jane Doe filed the class action lawsuit against Roblox, alleging that the company illegally deletes in-game purchased content from its users’ accounts. 

Jane Doe is a minor who will be represented by her father, John Dennis, throughout their legal battle against Roblox Corporation, in a California federal court.

Roblox is amongst the largest and fastest-growing gaming companies. They feature a virtual universe and generate revenue through in-game purchasing features which allows players to buy avatars and other items within the realm of the game.

During the pandemic, the market for Roblox’s product surged as people were forced to stay home. Roblox’s revenue jumped 68 percent in the first nine months of 2020, while its user base of mostly children surged 82 percent, the class action states. “Despite receiving millions of new users, Roblox cheated to earn more.”

Content Deletion Scheme – A Scam?

The class action lawsuit claims that Roblox is smartly deceiving its users in the deletion scam that systematically deletes in-game purchased content without providing a refund. It also claims that Roblox is negatively rated as a safe space for kids because of reports of simulated violence, sex, rape, and other illegal activities.

Roblox allegedly uses a content deletion scheme in the name of “content moderation” to delete the in-game purchased items for its own gain. It deletes some of the purchased content, saying that there were policy violations by the user. It also denies any refund requests and doesn’t compensate through other means.

The class action is alleging violations of California unfair competition law, consumer law, fraud, conversion, and unjust enrichment and is seeking to represent all Roblox users who purchased content on the Roblox platform that was later deleted. 

The lawsuit is asking the federal court to charge Roblox for violating California Unfair Competition Law, Consumer Law, and for Fraud, Conversion, Unjust Enrichment. It seeks to represent all Roblox users whose in-game purchased content was deleted without a proper reason. The lawsuit seeks to recover damages, costs, and legal fees.

Editor’s Note on Roblox Content Deletion Class Action Lawsuit – Illegally Deleting In-game Purchases Without Refunds:

This article features the latest class action lawsuit filed against Roblox on 25th May, 2021. For any queries or requests, please send us a message or contact us through the means below.

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Doe Case Details:

Case Name & No.: Jane Doe et al., v. Roblox Corporation – 3:21-cv-03943

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court Northern District of California San Francisco Division.

Products/Services: Roblox’s policies 

Allegation: Illegally deleting in-game purchased contents without providing a refund.

Status: Pending

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