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Ring Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Ring Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Selling Data To Third Parties?

Amazon’s Ring Company Charged With A Class Action Lawsuit

Ring Security System, a company owned by Amazon, was charged with a class action lawsuit allegedly failing to secure their system from hackers.

The lead plaintiff, Catherine Foster, filed the class action lawsuit in a California federal court in March 2021.

It asserts that consumers buy the Ring’s security system to gain peace of mind that they are safe at their homes. 

However, Catherine Foster argues that the company failed to protect its customers from hackers. 

The hackers allegedly gained access to the system, which permitted them to invade the customer’s privacy, terrorize them, and put them at significant risk.

The lead plaintiff aims to make them accountable for ensuring their clients are safe and secure from data breaches and vulnerability threats.

Ring Security System

Ring’s primary business is to provide a line of devices stalled at homes to provide security to its users. 

The devices include motion detectors, alarms, cameras, and lights that can all be controlled and monitored by users through the mobile app installed on their phones.

In 2018, the company was acquired by Amazon.

Plaintiff Allegations

The lead plaintiff complains that Ring has allowed the exposure of its clients’ private and confidential data. 

Their personal identifying information was revealed to hackers that took advantage of them.

She adds that while the company market its product to provide extra security measures to their customers, the company could not do that since their system was compromised. 

The compromised system allowed hackers to allegedly gain access to the multiple homes where they are installed. 

The complainant contends the Ring’s system was attacked multiple times and has suffered from various data breaches. 

She adds that the company has failed to implement measures to ensure these breaches won’t happen again. 

The class action lawsuit also declares that the company has missed providing security for common vulnerabilities like checking that users are using a strong login password and allowing logins to the same account from different IP addresses.

Data Harvesting

The lead plaintiff also alleges that the company shares their customer’s data with third parties without obtaining approval from their users.

The class action lawsuit declares that Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization specializing in digital privacy, did an investigation that revealed that the Ring security system shares data with third-party organizations, including names, mobile network carriers, and sensor data, and private IP addresses.

The lawsuit states that Ring should remove personal identifying before sending them out to third parties. 

It adds that the information will allow its receiver to identify a person’s profile and behavior and tell if the customers are present in their homes or not, which violates the user’s privacy and puts them at risk.

Catherine Foster argues that the company’s action is a form of data harvesting, where they sell their customer’s data to profit from it.

She claims that the company should put their customer’s best interests first and be responsible for designing systems that will protect their information.

Editor’s Note on Ring Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Ring LLC due to alleged negligence in protecting their client’s data.

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