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Red Baron Class Action Filed Over Preservative Issues

Red Baron Pizza Facing Complaints about Their Pizza Line

We consider pizza to be one of the comfort foods that people turn to when they feel a little down, and for health-conscious people, they turn to healthier options. There are even companies that offer frozen pizzas in supermarkets that people can buy. Red Baron Pizza is one such brand, advertising that their crust is free of preservatives and does not have any artificial flavoring. This may not be true, however, and as such, the Red Baron Class Action Lawsuit was filed.

Although after a class-action suit was filed against SFC Global Supply Chain, allegations claim that their pizza line has preservatives such as sodium stearoyl lactylate, enzymes, and mono- and diglycerides along with modified food starch and hydrolyzed soy and corn protein.

The Reason for the Complaints:

Allegations claim that people paid a high price for pizzas sold by Red Baron Pizza, as they believed that the products have no artificial flavorings and are free from preservatives. 

With the way the company labeled their products, the case claims the company could then lure buyers into shelling out more money than they should have if they knew the truth.

The case also claims that sodium stearoyl lactylate and enzymes work hand-in-hand as an agent that was used to keep bread fresh, or at least to preserve the softness of a pizza’s crust during its shelf life. Mono- and diglycerides are also anti-staling agents for baked goods, as they slow down the breakdown process of starch.

SFC Global Supply Chain’s Red Baron Brick Oven Cheese Trio, Classic Crust Four Cheese, and Thin & Crispy Five Cheese pizzas were found to have modified food starch and hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, which can be made into monosodium glutamate, or MSG.

The case further reports that they only used synthetic food additives for the pizza sauce to have an MSG-like flavor.

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