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Class Action Settlements

List of Recent Class Action Settlements, July 2018: Claim Your Money!

Though a bit shorter than month’s past, we have compiled a comprehensive list of every class action settlement available in June 2018. This list of recent class action settlements breaks down our favorite, most attainable settlements, while also giving you direct access to filing a claim for each settlement online.

If you believe to have been affected by these class action lawsuits and the products and services within, click through to see if you qualify for the settlement/award! We also invite you to please visit us on our website to view the original copy of this piece!

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Editor’s Choice: Our Favorite Class Action Settlements This Month

British Airways Fuel Surcharge Class Action Settlement

In this lawsuit, it was alleged that British Airways (BA) charged fuel surcharges on frequent flyer reward flights, which breached the Executive Club Contract between BA and the Class Members. BA denies that it did anything wrong, and believes that 1) the Executive Club Contract permitted the airline to impose this fuel surcharge and 2) that the fuel surcharges it imposed on Settlement Class Members were appropriate under the contract. Accordingly, BA has defended the allegations against them. The Parties, however, have agreed to settle the Litigation to avoid the cost, delay, and risk of continuing the Litigation. This settlement pool is expected to be anywhere from $27 million to $63 million. Act fast and claim your piece of the settlement! Click here!

Banco Popular Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement

You are considered a Class Member of the Banco Popular suit if, during the Class Period, you: (1) held at least one Account in New York, and (2) incurred at least one Overdraft Fee in such Account(s), (3) in connection with an ATM withdrawal or POS Debit Card transaction, (4) as a result of one or more of the Disputed Practices. If the Account was maintained by a single person, that person is the Settlement Class Member. If the Account was a joint account, all joint account holders are Settlement Class Members. Persons who maintained only Popular business or commercial accounts are not Settlement Class Members. With a settlement pool of $5,200,000, we suggest you file your claim here!


DuraPro Toilet Connector Class Action Settlement

The lawsuit claims that Interline’s actions led to damage resulting from the failure of the Coupling Nuts on the DuraPro™ Toilet Connectors. The lawsuit asks for money to be paid to people and entities that possess DuraPro™ Toilet Connectors with plastic Coupling Nuts but need to replace them due to their alleged defects, and to people and entities that suffered and/or paid to repair property damage as a result of the failure of a Coupling Nut on a DuraPro™ Toilet Connector. Interline denies all the claims and allegations in the lawsuit. Interline maintains that the plastic Coupling Nuts on its DuraPro™ Toilet Connectors are not defective in any respect and any failures are the result of other factors (such as improper installation, misuse, or product lifespan). A Settlement Pool of $16,500,000 was reached for this class action settlement, and you may claim the money you are owed, here.

Complete Settlement List

Pollo Tropical Class Action Settlement 

Lidoderm Generic Delay Class Action Settlement

British Airways Fuel Surcharge Class Action Settlement

Banco Popular Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement

A & B Insurance & Financial TCPA Class Action Settlement

US Coachways TCPA Class Action Settlement

Papa Murphy’s TCPA Class Action Settlement

DuraPro Toilet Connector Class Action Settlement


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