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2021 RainBrella Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Rust-Oleum In Trouble For Falsely Advertising

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RainBrella Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Rust-Oleum In Trouble For Falsely Advertising 100 Washes…

Rust-Oleum Was Sued For RainBrella

A class action lawsuit was filed against RainBrella’s manufacturer, Rust-Oleum Corporation, because the company allegedly falsely advertised its product.

The Class Action Lawsuit

The lead plaintiff, Shaquavia Harris, filed the class action lawsuit against Rust-Oleum Corporation in March 2021 in a northern district Illinois federal court.

The class action lawsuit asserts that the company has falsely advertised that RainBrella is of high quality and can last up to 100 washes. However, the lead plaintiff claims that the company’s statement is not valid.

The complainant argues that the company has knowingly deceived its customers into purchasing their products at a high price even if it cannot deliver as it promised on the label.

The class action lawsuit seeks to represent no less than 100 class members. It also aims to compensate affected class members with claims amounting to over $5 million.


According to the class action lawsuit, Rust-Oleum advertised RainBrella as a coating product for glass surfaces. 

The product can be used on cars to prevent mud, rain, and dirt from sticking on its glass surface.  

On RainBrella’s packaging, it is advertised that the product is effective up to 100 washes and that it can last up to times longer compared to its competitor brands.

The product is widely available for purchase in multiple establishments, including Home Depot, Walmart, Menards, and Fleet Mart. It is also sold on Amazon and Rust-Oleum’s website.

The class action lawsuit complains that RainBrella’s claims on how long it can last are false.

ITW Lawsuit

Illinois Tool Works (ITW) filed a case against the company in July 2017. ITW made similar allegations against Rust-Oleums stating that the claim that RainBrella can last twice longer than its competitor is not valid.

ITW produces a competitor glass coating product called Rain-X. 

The company has conducted a wiper blade abrasion test to compare the performance of Rain-X and RainBrella and to prove the validity of Rust-Oleum’s claim. The test revealed that Rain-X lasts longer than RainBrella. 

ITW also conducted another lab test to check the properties of the two products. The test was led by the company’s senior technology manager, Doctor Jaifu Fang.

According to the lab results, there is no significant difference between RainBrella and Rain-X’s abilities. 

Therefore, ITW asserts that Rust-Oleum’s package label is false.

The cases ended with a permanent injunction that Rust-Oleum can no longer claim that the product can last up to twice longer than its competitor.

However, the lead plaintiff argues that Rust-Oleum has not updated its packaging, and it contains similar claims.

Plaintiff Allegations

The complainant contends that she regularly purchases and uses RainBrella and began using the product in March 2018.

She adds that the last time she has purchased the product was in December 2020.

The lead plaintiff argues that there was no difference in RainBrella’s packaging through the years she purchased it.

She complains that the label always contained that the product lasts longer than its competitor and up to 100 times. She also adds that these claims influenced her to buy the product.

She asserts that the company has intentionally deceived its customers by not updating its packaging despite knowing that the claims are false.

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