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ProctorU BIPA Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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ProctorU BIPA Class Action Lawsuit – Illinois Privacy Law

Illinois Plaintiffs: ProctorU Failed To Protect Data And Violated Protections Guaranteed By Illinois Privacy Law 

A group of Illinois students has filed a class action lawsuit against Artificial Intelligence company ProctorU after it has allegedly not made any steps to ensure that the biometric data collected from them safe from data breach and compromise. 

Filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois, plaintiffs Andrea Kohlenberg, Rutvik Thakkar, and William Gonigam argued that ProctorU has violated provisions of the state of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) after the company has failed to take protective measures to ensure private biometric information from getting stolen and eventually peddled off to an online forum for hackers in July last year. 

Along with its alleged failure to ensure the safety of its customers’ private biometric information, ProctorU also did not disclose the period they intend to keep the aforementioned data on its servers. 

These are seen by the trio of students as direct violations of the Illinois BIPA. 

Plaintiffs point out that unlike other types of private information, private biometric information is a unique identifier to an individual and is permanent. 

Thus, in the event of a data breach or compromise, the person whose private biometric information has been compromised has got no choice but to live with the fact they are living forever with a much higher risk of identity theft and fraud issues. 

The repercussions are so intense and leave a massive impact on an individual’s life that laws such as Illinois’ BIPA were enacted by authorities in order to uphold consumer privacy. 

The group of Illinois students is seeking to force ProctorU to pay up for the damages it has caused for its wreckless violations of the Illinois BIPA provisions. 

Also, the ProctorU Biometric Data Security Class Action Lawsuit is asking the court to ask the company to pay for the legal fees incurred by the case. 

Many entities and individuals have raised their concerns about ProctorU and its operations. 

The company has received criticisms from students to faculty members of respectable higher educational institutions all over the country for its alleged violations and transgressions concerning its users’ privacy and digital rights. 

Editor’s Note on ProctorU BIPA Class Action Lawsuit:

This feature article aims to give you the latest information regarding the class action lawsuit brought up against Artificial Intelligence company ProctorU after its actions allegedly resulted in violating consumer privacy guidelines stipulated in an Illinois privacy law. 

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