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Premom Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Premom Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Is Your Data Shared With Chinese Companies?

Lawsuit: Premom Shared Users’ Private Information To Chinese Firms Without Prior Consent

The Premom app is alleged to have collected and shared data without its users’ express consent and thus violated the law. 

That is the claim made by a class action lawsuit filed against Easy Healthcare Corp. early this year with the claims that it has shared personal user data with different Chinese third-party firms. 

The class action claims that the Premom app collected information from its mobile device users and then shared it by its main company with three Beijing data collections, analytics, and precision marketing companies, namely Aurora Mobile (Jiguang), Umeng, and UMSNS. 

This, according to the plaintiffs, completely runs counter to the app’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policies each user agrees to before officially starting to use the app’s services.

It promised not to share or sell any of the personal data collected from users to other entities, but the truth is completely the opposite. 

Though the company’s terms detail that they would gather some information from its users, it was not indicated that these data and large amounts of information will be shared with third-party Chinese companies. 

According to the lawsuit, this data sharing practice went for more than three years unbeknownst to the app users.

In fact, this is what the company has envisioned doing from the very inception of the Premom app. 

The Premom Class Lawsuit claims that the base code of the program contains a part where it allows the aforementioned Chinese companies to gather and store personal user data. 

The data being sent over to China ranges from persistent identifiers to mobile device information. 

A persistent identifier is a type of data that is accessible over the Internet. 

The Chinese firms allegedly had access to a user’s location, device activities, etc. 

These pieces of information are crucial for they can lead to the entity that has access to it limitless possibilities of what to do with the data. 

An entity can look at these data and piece together a profile that would serve as an accurate representation of a person’s activities, dealings, habits, etc. 

Worse, Easy Healthcare Corp. was accused of entering into financial dealings with the aforementioned China-based companies in exchange for the information gathered from Premom app users. 

All of this makes Premom users susceptible to illegal hacking and data compromises because their personal information has been shared without their prior consent. 

This opens a can of worms that would effectively make an individual’s life more dangerous in the Internet space. 

Easy Healthcare Corp. is not the first and only company to have been embroiled in controversy due to its data-sharing dealings with third-party companies. 

Flo Health decided to settle with the Federal Trade Commission authorities for allegedly collecting and sharing personal data to other companies without informing its consumers. 

Editor’s Note on Premom Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This feature article is geared to inform you of the latest predicament Easy Healthcare Corp. is facing after it has shared Premom app’s users personal information to foreign entities without users’ consent. 

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