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Prairie Farms Vanilla Ice Cream Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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All About The Prairie Farms Vanilla Ice Cream Class Action Lawsuit

What to know about the Prairie Farms Ice Cream Lawsuit

Who wouldn’t love a nice ice cream cone? Which flavor would you choose, and why?

Of course, even with ice cream, everybody has a preference! Things get better when there are options available, right? As such, we even have variations on what otherwise might seem, well, vanilla.

Of course, there is your regular, run of the mill, vanilla ice cream, or, you have options like the superior version Prairie Farms Dairy is offering; its Premium Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Now, the product’s label mentions that the ice cream has natural colors and flavors, making consumers believe that they’re getting the real deal. The Prairie Farms Vanilla Ice Cream Class Action Lawsuit, however, claims that there is a big difference between what is natural and what is claimed as natural.

So, What’s the Difference?

The lawsuit has several allegations that revolve around the product’s packaging and where the words “Premium Vanilla Bean Ice Cream” and “Natural Ingredients” are seen.

One allegation mentions that the “natural flavor” on the packaging is actually artificial flavors that are based on the natural flavor of vanilla.

The lawsuit mentions, in plenty of detail, the differences between vanilla and vanilla flavoring. They base most of these allegations on a letter from the FDA, referred to as “The Quinn Letter.”

The Quinn letter speaks on three kinds of ice cream that depend on the use of both natural and artificial flavors that create this sort of flavoring.

As such, it seems like Prairie Farms may be offering a product that they are not following through on.

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