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More on the Potential JUUL Lawsuits Consider The Consumer

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More on the Potential JUUL Lawsuits

What’s behind the investigations against JUUL? 

JUUL products are widely popular to a very young demographic in American society. You may have seen one of their ads while you’re scrolling through your social media account feed. You may have also heard about it among your peers in group discussions and get-togethers. It is basically everywhere you go and if you have a family member in their teens, chances are that you may have heard them talk about it. You may also have loved ones using any of the aforementioned products. Now, you may see a JUUL Lawsuit hitting the news due to the following allegations!

Advertised as an ‘alternative to cigarettes’, Juul products made by JUUL Labs Inc., are currently under scrutiny by several unidentified law professionals as they are believed to be not what they claim to be. Here are a few things that you should know about the products and the claims made against them. 

  • Juul e-cigarettes cause a higher risk of addiction compared to conventional cigarettes.

The company has adapted its marketing strategy in portraying that the Juul e-cigarette contains lesser amounts of nicotine in its products compared to the conventional cigarettes available in the market. 

However, according to the findings of a group of law practitioners scrutinizing the company and its products, Juul e-cigarettes contain the same or even more nicotine than the regular ‘ol cigarette. 

Specifically, Juul e-cigarettes and pods contain nicotine salt which is different from the nicotine that one can found in usual cigarettes. The difference is that the former is more readily and quickly absorbed by the human body. According to a feature appearing in the website, the nicotine salt found in Juul products delivers 25% more nicotine than the strongest cigarettes available.

Added to the company’s advertising practices, different people are on the case to see whether JUUL Labs Inc. has misled consumers belonging to a younger and underage demographic, as well as adults, of patronizing their product. 

  • Addiction caused by JUUL Labs Inc. and its products impose many risks to a person’s health. 

Being addicted to regular cigarettes is a pain as we all know it but it is also the same when it comes to people who end up being hooked with Juul products. Both groups of people are quite possibly will suffer from the consequences of nicotine addiction.  

According to an article by Amber Erickson on the website, nicotine addiction has a lot of negative effects on an individual’s body. Most of them are severe including but not limited to different cardiovascular and respiratory ailments, issues with one’s sight, reduced sex drive, and premature aging. For pregnant and expecting mothers, it may cause miscarriage and even complications to your unborn infant. Worst, it can cause mortality. 

  • The company allegedly targeted their products to the youth and abandoned youth addiction prevention efforts. 

Younger members of society are prone to trying out things and to do so in order to be seen as ‘cool’ and ‘in with the trend’ that is why many individuals have been displeased with how Juul is marketed. Through the use of flashy and eye-catching aesthetics and models that use the products, many underaged individuals and young adults have bought the product. 

The most worrying thing, in this case, is that it was just recently that the company included a warning in their products’ packaging. Before, they didn’t even care about putting in a label to warn consumers of the products’ nicotine content. 

The lack of proper labels and misleading way of advertising has resulted in many individuals being enticed in purchasing the aforementioned products without any knowledge of the health and addiction risks they carry. 

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