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Potential Juul Class Action Lawsuit Investigation In The Air Consider The Consumer

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Potential JUUL Class Action Lawsuit Investigation In The Air

Group of law practitioners looking to file class action lawsuit against maker of Juul products

We may see a few potential JUUL Class Action Lawsuits coming our way after it was reported that several legal professionals are gearing up a case against JUUL Labs, Inc for its alleged misdeeds. The company is popularly known to be behind Juul products. 

These products are advertised by the company to be an “alternative to cigarettes,” however, these JUUL products, specifically the Juul e-cigarettes, were discovered to have the same or even more the number of nicotine levels found in conventional cigarettes. 

The products are also believed to have worsened other people’s addiction instead of helping them quit the vice, it adds. 

They have argued that instead of the company involving themselves in addiction prevention efforts in the youth, they have rather went on to market their products. Their way of advertising their products is done through social media which targets underage teens. 

Though independent investigations are already on going, members of the general public are advised to remain vigilant and share with us their thoughts on the matter. 

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