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Porsche Class Action Lawsuit

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Porsche Charged With A Class Action Lawsuit Over Allegedly Tampering With Emission & Fuel Efficiency Tests Results

Porsche Manipulated Testing Results Of Its Vehicles – Class Action 

Car company Porsche is facing a new class action lawsuit over claims that it tampered with emission and fuel efficiency data in order to deceive customers into buying their cars. 

Californian Luigi Sciabarrasi filed the class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division. 

The plaintiff shared that they bought a brand new Porsche Panamera back in 2011. 

They made the conscious decision to go with a Porsche after researching the available models in the market at the time and comparing their performances – to which the Porsche car took the cake with the emissions and fuel data presented by its maker. 

However, they later found out that the company had modified its testing results to make the numbers look better than the vehicle’s actual performance and capabilities. 

According to Sciabarrasi, this has misled them into buying a Porsche car because they relied on the company’s false data as their primary basis for their buying decision. 

The lawsuit is accusing the car company of counts of fraud and unjust enrichment. Additionally, it claims that Porsche has violated several California laws in its bid to modify its actual emissions and fuel performance results. 

A California Class and a nationwide Class of other similarly situated Porsche customers are represented in the class action lawsuit. 

This is the third time the company has faced a legal challenge in relation to the alleged modification of its emission and performance results to comply with regulations and deceive its customers. 

Observers are accusing Porsche, along with other companies such as Volkswagen and Audi, of tampering with their vehicles to churn up favorable results to follow mandated emission results and conceal the true nature of their cars’ performance to the buying members of the general public. 

About the company

Porshe is a German car company under its parent entity Volkswagen AG.

Founded nine decades ago in Stuttgart, Germany, the company is currently headed by its top executives Oliver Blume as its CEO and Wolfgang Porsche as the company’s chairman.

Porsche has a worldwide presence and has churned out more than 200,000 vehicle units last 2017. 

Editor’s Note on Porsche Class Action Lawsuit:

This feature is published to give you an update of the latest class action filed against Porsche after the company has allegedly misconstrued its vehicles’ testing data to appease regulators and woo customers. 

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