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Playtika Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Playtika Class Action Lawsuit Filed In String of Online Casino Lawsuits

Last month, a consumer class action lawsuit was filed against Playtika over the online casino games. The Playtika Class Action Lawsuit alleges that the company misleadingly represented that its online slot machine games, such as Caesars Slots, Slotomania, House of Fun, and Vegas Downtown Slots, are free when, in fact, any person playing would need coins to play. After the players use all of the free coins given to first time visitors, players would then have to buy additional coins to continue playing. The Playtika Lawsuit also claims that the online casino games violate Washington law because they are illegal gambling games.

A full copy of the Playtika Class Action Lawsuit Complaint is embedded below for your convenience:

Editor’s note on the Playtika Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Playtika Lawsuit. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

If you believe that what is alleged in the Playtika class action has affected you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you take a step in the right direction, fight this issue, and better enable you to join the consumer class action. If interested, please send an email to, find us on Twitter or Facebook, or even connect with us directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from you all.

The case can be searched for under the name: Wilson et al v. Playtika, LTD, Playtika Holding Corp. and Caesars Interactive Entertainment, LLC, Case No. 18-cv-5277, W. D. WA.

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17 thoughts on “Playtika Class Action Lawsuit Filed In String of Online Casino Lawsuits”

  • Shawna says:

    This is awesome it’s about time someone has gone after this company who steals
    From there players

  • Scyren says:

    They rig their games to not win and admit the rules are personally tailored. You have to buy to win cards they know you need. Everything is about buying every day. It’s ridiculous and at the very least they should be regulated and not allowed to gouge people. They basically up your minimum requirements to play features in the games to force you to bet higher so you lose more and then punish you for it but upping the requirements the next day because you bet more. It’s a money making scam. It’s brilliant really. They hook people who get addicted to the challenge and then rip them off. If you don’t buy then you can’t experience all aspects of the games. I hope they have to pay a huge amount and are shut down. Facebook ignores complaints because they don’t care people are being ripped off but they h
    ave no problem with censorship. SMH

  • Angela Stone says:

    This should Be a worldwide law suit against platika (slotomania) the odds of winning fake coins is ridiculous I have personally spent a lot of real money to play a “fun” “free” game only to be constantly bombarded with pop ups of coin offers or offers to get certain sloto cards when purchasing a certain coin package only to be rewarded with lower and or cards you have already gotten from purchases. The win loss ratio is way off with only 1 win per 15-20 spins and not in anyway equal to the amounts already spent.only after you have spent hundreds of dollars in the month will it then allow you to win a large amount of coins only then to have you lose in a very short amount of time thus enticing you to purchase more coins. It’s absolutely ridiculous and very frustrating and always seems to be something new to try and make you buy fake coins with real money. I does cause a gambling problem without even realising and also puts a burden on family’s because of the money spent only to receive very low odds and definitely makes it a lot less fun. Definitely not a the “number 1 free slot machine game” very false and misleading

  • neil bennett says:

    I was caught up in the Daily Dashes, Ace Cards, Gold Cards, Coin Purchases. My back account took a huge hit before I realized I have to do something about this. I will never re-coupe my losses but I hope they are stopped from wrecking and destroying families across the world. I am not proud of what I did because I was slowly getting hooked and before you know it I was gambling and paying them for nothing to show! Family did not know, I was embarrassed to tell them I am basically gambling for nothing in return. These people need to be stopped!

  • Ken Urban says:

    It was always my contention that the game performance be it corrupt, programmed or manipulated was of no concern so long as they did not take any real money of mine. Once a real money transaction does occur, all gaming must be fair and representitive of established house advantage and game odds. If so much as one symbol of one spin is manipulated or controlled in any manner by the house it would be redefined as theft. This exactly the reason that actual (brick and mortar) casinos have overseeing authorities that ensure games are fair and comply to regulation in all respects. Only by spreading the word will our voices have impact on these sites. There are independent forums to rate and discuss these matters. Personally it is my belief that these sites do not misrepresent. They are free as they do give periodic bonuses. Useless by all standards but enough that the aformentioned lawsuit will not be valid. These site are created to generate cash revenue. Consider the program, the management, the customer service, the fix it guy, the accountants…etc. All required positions to provide a fun free casino. Positions need to be paid. Some one time as well as recurring. Once in operation these sites can be maintained with minimal man-power thus numerous sites are created. Be wary, suspect any that want cash. The ones I have issue with are poker sites. They advertise realistic games of poker. Unfortunately, if all hands are possible, though unlikely. It is difficult to qualify a suspicion of gameplay that result in big pots with bad beats. As I read through the ratings on these particular sites I am reminded of the explanation I received from “Poker Stars”. So it seems the cheats are liars as well as the first response is usually denial. Keep your money closer and keep your casino operator closer.

  • Jake Price says:

    And reading all these comments all I have to say is ITS A GAME .it’s a free slots game that offers coins to buy it’s up to you if you want to buy coins maybe instead of being mad at the game go call gambling addiction hotline instead come on it’s a game people

  • Sylvia says:

    Shut up Jake you faggot spawn of satan your drug use isn’t a problem either you like your drugs and could quit anytime you want to shut up you freak .bite

  • Gregory L Hall says:

    A game that steals from kids

  • Andy says:

    The biggest difference is that real casinos are bound by regulatory authorities and subject to independent audits on the probabilities with their games. They will tell you their games are random, there’s no supporting evidence. They’re able to accept payment without limit from its players who are under the impression that their spins are random and free of manipulation, in my opinion this highly unlikely. Their games are designed to mimic real gambling machines as to illicit the same behavior as a gambler would have with real risk of insolvency.

  • Donald Whitlock says:

    I have personally talked on the phone to a past employee of WSOP by Playtika. Her name is Annie, and i wish the hell i would of recorded the conversation. She told me they use robot players and can see everyones hands to make it impossible to win. Ive spent a couple thousand dollars on chips to play not realizing i was being cheated. Its my fault i spent yes but not knowing i was being cheated’is bullshit and i hope someone gets paid because im pissed. The bad thing about all ths is they blocked me from sending messages to customer support. Total bs

  • diane says:

    This is very, very true, and where “games” mimic gambling, you can bet the money flows. People in the state of WA, which has strict gambling laws, have filed this class action, which has been “stayed” pending an appeal from the court’s refusal to dismiss the case. I can only hope it makes it through the courts and the people who have been duped into thinking those “RAISE YOUR BET, RAISE YOUR JACKPOT” prompts were actually true will be compensated by the lies and misrepresentations of Playtika.

  • Sam Swartzlander says:

    These guys need closed down they are scamming all players into buying coins House of fun especially always seeing that players bought and never receive their coins also seen players say about Playtika doing unauthorize transaction.A billion dollar company making billions by innocent players.And lately free players can’t hardly play because they tightened their software configurations so any slots don’t pay out.Close them down and keep them closed protect the innocent people from scammer’s like these.

  • Traci Kristine Rowland says:

    “Sylvia says:
    March 13, 2019 at 5:32 am

    Shut up Jake you faggot spawn of satan your drug use isn’t a problem either you like your drugs and could quit anytime you want to shut up you freak .bite”

    Oh look, a homophobic bigot.

  • Mary Ryan says:

    if there is a class action i would like to get involved they say there is no value to coins. but there is because when you make a purchase that means the company has put a value on its coins they sell. so there is company value. so if you play and you are booted off line or the slots start skipping which they do then the company is stealing from you if you play you know they go by you as an individual and use algrythm to your playing scheme. they say they dont do that but they do and that is false advertising

  • Peter Chai says:

    This is the most corrupt site on the web. i notice they have a playtika uk address now…..big mistake. consumer protection is very strong in the uk. when the company wa american owned i used to spend money on the site, s soon as it went to israel i it is outrageous. try typing into google” slot machine app not owned by playtika” you wont see any but will see playtika advertising.. immoral and corrupt.and , i am sure illegal. good luck with the class action suit.

  • Lynn McLay says:

    It’s true. There are times in Slotomania you can’t play the game without buying, which is flat-out illegal. At least some sites will let you watch a video to earn chips which I am cool with. They don’t even have to pay back real cash like a real casino. Plus Slotomania’s math is horrible. You don’t get the chips you win. You get booted at bonuses. People will pay $99 for 34 billion in chips while others are charged $99 for 12 billion. I mean, they’re not even close. And you can’t turn off the stupid side games that keep interrupting your play. That mole thing? I HATE IT. Where is the “don’t show me this anymore” option? I just wanted to play the slots. Luckily, there are other places that seem to be way more organized and fair.

  • Thieves👹..It starts relatively honest and as u progress up the levels they seem to escalate the price of everything..The pig for instance starts at .99 cents then as u rise in levels goes to 3.99..goes to 7.99. as u continue to rise in rank ,9.99 then goes to 11.99…As of my writing of this post my current level is 3.145 and my pig is now 13.99 and the super bonus spin which is Never free is 49.99..all of my task are in the hundreds of millions yet I receive a mere two million as my free coins .Is this a free Game? I Have lost as much as 3 billion coins in one game trying to get a bonus betting 2million a spin.”RNG” I think not..They are programed for u to lose so they can sell worthless tokens.Why oh why would I spend 13.99 to buy 300 million tokens when u can’t win with 3 billion..There greed is only surpassed by their stupidity

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