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Learn All About the Peloton Class Action Lawsuit Consider the Consumer

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Learn All About the Peloton Class Action Lawsuit

Peloton Slapped with Lawsuit for Lack of Closed Captions on its Videos

Hard-of-hearing individuals and persons who have completely lost their sense of hearing are allegedly maltreated and discriminated against by not being offered closed captions in videos being offered by an exercise equipment and media company, a recent Peloton Class Action Lawsuit claims.

The company being sued, Peloton Interactive Inc., is a publicly-traded business entity in NASDAQ. Peloton offers a mobile application that is available for users to download on their mobile smartphone devices. 

The Peloton app features different offerings such as workout videos, virtual classes, etc. which are readily available to the app’s users. However, the lack of the option to include closed captions on these videos was questioned by a deaf Peloton patron for being discriminatory, ergo violating New York state and city human rights laws. 

The plaintiff claims in their suit that there are guidelines readily available on the Internet which the company could’ve tapped into and integrated into their system yet they still chose not to. Having closed captions could have helped hard-of-hearing and deaf users of the app have the freedom to consume independently the services provided by Peloton. 

The lack thereof forces individuals with a lessened sense of hearing to ask for help from a family member or friend, or even have an interpreter with them in order for them to fully understand the videos they are watching. 

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