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ParaGard IUD Side Effects Case Investigation

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ParaGard IUD Side Effects Case Under Investigation – Vaginal Pain, Infection, Discomfort.

Side Effects of Removing ParaGard IUD (Intrauterine device) – Case Under Investigation

Most women often choose to go through birth control for health reasons. From pills to operations, they have a list of choices that they can look at to see how they can go about performing birth control without having their daily lives affected.

Some have gone through the IUD route, but one brand is reportedly facing a class action investigation as some women who had used their IUD are complaining they had experienced painful side effects when they were trying to get it removed.

What Else To Know About the Case

When some women tried to have the ParaGard IUD removed, they experienced different complications.

  • Broken IUD 
  • IUD pieces are embedded in the uterus
  • Complicated surgery is needed just to have them removed
  • Needs to get a hysterectomy
  • Uterus gets infected
  • Cramps/bleeding

What Is an IUD and How Does It Work?

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a long-term birth control device that is inserted into the cervix and implanted in the uterus.

Its T-shape will have small strings on them to let a medical professional remove the implant after a few years. 

Women can choose hormonal and non-hormonal versions of the IUD.

Hormonal ones usually have levonorgestrel, a hormone that stops pregnancy by making the uterine lining thin out and the cervical mucus thicken. It can be left in the uterus for three to five years.

Non-hormonal IUDs are made of either copper or plastic, where copper is more effective as it works as a spermicide.

It’s effective after it’s implanted in the uterus and can last as long as ten years.

As the ParaGard IUD follows the same design as the normal IUDs, the only difference between the two is the copper wire coiled around it, which affects sperm motility, preventing the sperm from making its way to a healthy egg.

It is even effective within five days of unprotected sex, as it can be emergency contraception.

It also does not have any side effects like the hormonal birth control options where you may get blood clots.

Although because of particular issues with manufacturing the device, it ends up getting broken either when it gets implanted or when it’s being removed.

One lawsuit even claims that Teva Pharmaceuticals, the makers of ParaGard IUD, is aware of the defect but did not inform the proper people about it.

Teva Pharmaceuticals

About Teva Pharmaceuticals

Makers of ParaGard IUD is an international pharmaceutical company in Petah Tikva, Israel. They manufacture and specialize primarily in generic drugs, but their business often extends to active pharmaceutical ingredients.

It was founded on the 1st of May 1935, by Günther Friedländer, Chaim Salomon, Yitschak Elstein, and Moshe Levin.

Editor’s Note on ParaGard IUD Side Effects Case Under Investigation:

This piece is about an undergoing investigation of ParaGard IUD’s side effects, as reported by consumers.

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