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Panera Hidden Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Panera Hidden Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Charging Extra By Secretly Increasing Menu Prices…

Panera’s Flat Delivery Charge Is Deceptive; Company Charges Extra Hidden Charges On Food Deliveries: Class Action Lawsuit 

A class action lawsuit accuses Panera of allegedly advertising a flat and cheap delivery fee but then proceeds to increase the prices of its food items for customers who choose to have their food delivered. 

Aaron Aseltine v. Panera

Filed in a local Superior Court in the state of California, the Panera Hidden Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit was filed by a complainant named Aaron Aseltine. He argued that the company made misleading and untrue marketing statements involving how they supposedly charged their customers who wish to order food and have them delivered for their convenience. 

Aseltine contended that Panera made claims on their mobile application and official site that they offer a relatively low and fixed delivery fee amounting to $6. However, besides the promise of an inexpensive delivery charge, the company allegedly tops a customer’s bill off with hidden charges that only become apparent if they inspect them. 

Customers Billed With Secret Charges For Food Delivery 

Panera’s alleged modus operandi involves them secretly increasing their menu food items for customers who choose to have them delivered instead of consuming them in-store. 

The class action reported that the company imposes an added charge of up to 7% of a particular food item’s price. Oblivious customers were not informed by Panera of the change in prices as opposed to the practice of other related businesses. 

With that being said, Aseltine concluded that the company’s delivery costs promise become patently false due to the hidden fees.

He detailed that thousands of unknowing customers ended up paying more than what they should have allotted in exchange for Panera’s delivery services – all because of the company’s deceptive claims. 

The Panera Hidden Delivery Charges Class Action is asking the court to force Panera’s legal team to face different counts and charges via legal proceedings. The company is accused of allegedly violating different laws ranging from the False Advertising Law to the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. 

About Panera

Panera Bread Company, or simply called Panera in this article, is a fast-casual food chain known for its bakery-cafe style of service and products. Headed by the company CEO Niren Chaudhary since 2019, Panera is said to have more than 2,000 locations all over Canada and the United States. The company is under its parent organization JAB Holding Company and is currently headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.  

Editor’s Note on Panera Hidden Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit

This article features the class action filed against Panera Bread involving the company’s allegedly misleading flat delivery charge for food delivery. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Aaron Aseltine v. Panera et al.; Case No,: 4:21-cv-04284

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Alameda

Products/Services Involved: Panera food delivery service 

Allegation(s): Panera hikes the prices of its food items whenever a customer chooses to order them and have them delivered via the company’s delivery service. 

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