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Panera Bread Hidden Delivery Fees Class Action Lawsuit

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Panera Bread Hidden Delivery Fees Class Action Lawsuit Details

Panera Bread is being sued with a class action lawsuit after allegedly adding hidden fees on their delivery order service. 

This is contrary to the company’s promise of only asking its customers of a ‘flat delivery charge’ if they wish to avail Panera Bread’s in-house food delivery service. 

The restaurant chain has made these unauthorized and hidden additional delivery fees to customers’ orders even though they have made extensive efforts to market a flat delivery service charge to entice customers into using the service. 

As the class action alleges, Panera does this by marking up the prices of its food items to seven percent only if the order is intended for food delivery service. 

The price is the same for regular in-restaurant food orders. 

This then tricks unknowing customers into placing their food orders via the company’s official site or mobile food application – purchases that they would have otherwise not made if they have known the aforementioned practice conducted by Panera. 

This goes for a variety of Panera Bread products – from its sandwich offerings down to bread and salads. 

For example, an average sandwich from Panera would cost approximately a dollar but more if ordered online.

This practice of obscuring the actual delivery charges makes Panera Bread liable, and in violation of the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act, the class action lawsuit argues. 

Per its official filing in court, the company is accused of non-disclosure to its customers of the fact that the food items’ price increases whenever it is intended to be for Panera’s food delivery service. 

This gives Panera Bread an unfair advantage over its other competitors in the food business space that is fair and open to their customers about their company’s own food delivery service charges. 

Due to the onset of the on-going COVID-19 global pandemic, food companies who have offered delivery services in the past have seen a dramatic increase in customers who clamor for this type of service. 

Because of strict travel restrictions and mandatory public health protocols for businesses, added to the lingering anxiety of customers who fear for their health, more and more customers choose to order their food online, leading to companies cashing in on this new trend. 

Other companies that do not offer this type of service in the past are now scrambling to set-up their own in order to get a share of the growing demand for food delivery services. 

Panera Bread, on its part, has made its food delivery service accessible and easier for people to use to place their orders online. 

By not asking customers to sign up for an account with them saves up consumers’ time, but it inadvertently leaves them out of the company’s terms of service. 

Nevertheless, according to experts and analysts, food companies should be held accountable for their actions in order for them not to take advantage of the current extraordinary situation. 

Consumers are called on to be on the lookout for these alleged hidden delivery charges and are encouraged to move forward with their complaints in order to shed light on the matter. 

The Panera Bread Hidden Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to represent a Class of California Panera Bread customers who have made their orders either through the company’s website or through its mobile application and have racked up a hidden delivery charge in the process. 

Editor’s Note on Panera Bread Hidden Delivery Fees Class Action Lawsuit:

This is an article featuring the latest class action lawsuit filed against restaurant chain company Panera Bread after it has allegedly deceived its customers by charging extra hidden fees on its delivery service.

This is contrary to the company’s advertising and marketing that it only charges a ‘flat delivery charge’ when customers avail their in-house food delivery service. 

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