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Online Casino Lawsuits Filed: Playtika, Huuuge, GSN, Double Down, Scientific Games

You may have noticed that Consider The Consumer has recently published four back-to-back pieces on Online Casino Lawsuits such as Playtika, Huuuge, GSN, Double Down, and Scientific Games. We thought it would be nice of us (being that we’re always thinking of you…) to publish an additional story, putting all of these in one place. The recently filed Online Casino Class Action Lawsuits can be seen below:

Playtika Class Action Lawsuit

Huuuge Class Action Lawsuit

GSN Class Action Lawsuit

Double Down Casino Lawsuit

Scientific Games Class Action Lawsuit

Furthermore, if you believe that you or someone you know may have been affected by any of the allegations mentioned in these pieces, please notify us immediately! We’d be happy to help. We can be reached by email at, found on Twitter or Facebook, or can even be connected with directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from you all.

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1 thoughts on “Online Casino Lawsuits Filed: Playtika, Huuuge, GSN, Double Down, Scientific Games”

  • John Alex says:

    I have had accounts with Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino same company/game for 3 plus years now.They are very greedy ,I’ve rarely won anything substantial and when I have they take it right back. I know I’m a fool for continuing to play and give them money! The main reason I do is because I’ve been a part of a club that’s become like a second family, made some great friends, and we are doing our best to climb the ranks or really just maintain the level were at that’s next to impossible! So many members are just torn up , sad but finally throwing their hands up, because the game just keeps taking money and the chips right back usually very quickly.One member upwards of $10k a month just having nearly a mental breakdown because she’s sad she can’t do it anymore and feels like a disappointment to the club now . Just crazy to me how greedy this game is,very sad.

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