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NSF Fee Class Action Lawsuit Investigation; Is Your Bank Ripping You Off?

Does Your Bank or Credit Union Charge Excessive Overdraft or Insufficient Fund Fees?

It has been widely reported that numerous bank and credit union customers have fallen victim to improper Overdraft Fee (“OD Fee”) and Non-Sufficient Fund Fee (NSF) practices.

In lawsuits across the country, plaintiffs have alleged that these fees, which can range from $27 to $39 each, are being assessed improperly.  Sometimes OD Fees are charged even when an account is not overdrawn.  Other times, two or even three NSF Fees are charged on the same payment. This usually occurs if the payment is attempted to be reprocessed, automatically, after the initial payment is declined.

Some banks or credit unions being investigated for these deceptive practices include:

  • Community Bank (New York)
  • Center Bank
  • Hudson Valley Credit Union
  • Flagstar Bank
  • Bell Bank
  • Midwest One
  • Bancfirst
  • BOKF 
  • Desert Financial
  • Glacier Bank
  • Wings Federal Credit Union
  • Centerstate
  • Busey Bank

If you believe to have been unfairly charged certain NSF fees by one of the banks listed above, or another bank or credit union that we missed, you may qualify to join this NSF and Insufficient Fund Fee Class Action Lawsuit Investigation.

Please submit your claim below to be evaluated, and to join the Bank or Credit Union Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit Investigation:

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Have you been charged overdraft fees or insufficient fund fees by your bank or credit union? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. We’re happy to announce that the folks over at Kaliel PLLC are investigating potential class action lawsuits against several banks and credit unions related to their assessment of overdraft and insufficient funds fees. If you have been charged fees by your bank or credit union, you may have a legal claim!

Editor’s note on the NSF Fee Class Action Lawsuit Investigation:

This piece is written about recent troubles with OD Fees or NSF Fees passed down by numerous banks and credit unions. If you have had issues similar to those mentioned above, we ask that you fill out the form provided to have your claim evaluated. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the article above, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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If you believe that what is alleged in this piece has affected you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you take a step in the right direction, fight this issue, and better enable you to join the consumer class action. If interested, please send an email to, find us on Twitter or Facebook, or even connect with us directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from you all. Please note that this investigation piece has been sponsored by Kaliel PLLC, and Consider the Consumer has received compensation for such sponsorship.

Similarly, please check out our current list of Class Action Lawsuits and Class Action Lawsuit Investigations, here.

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