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Nike Website Wiretapping Class Action Lawsuit - Customer From California Claims That Nike Records All Online Activities

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Nike Website Wiretapping Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Customer From California Claims That Nike Records All Online Activities…

Nike Unlawfully Records Online Consumers Private Data, Says New Class Action Lawsuit From California

According to a new class action lawsuit, Nike has been letting a marketing analytics business wiretap its website and collect the private identifying information of consumers making transactions on its website.

Lisa Castro et al., v. Nike, Inc.

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Nike is accused of violating the California Invasion of Privacy Act by illegally monitoring and recording website visitors’ mouse clicks, keystrokes, and other electronic interactions in real-time, including the input of personally identifiable information.

According to the Nike Website Wiretapping Class Action Lawsuit, the allegedly illegal “wiretapping” of was handled by FullStory, Inc., a third-party marketing analytics company, which operates software with “session replay” capabilities on behalf of Nike in order to capture the website user interactions and behaviors.

In addition, according to the lawsuit, FullStory’s software, as currently deployed by Nike, acts as a wiretap.

More precisely, the suit argues that FullStory, as enabled by Nike, can watch a website visitor’s actions and other identifiable information via a snippet of back-end code.

When a website user’s communications are delivered to Nike’s website, FullStory records the user’s interactions in real-time locally in the user’s browser and then transfers the information to FullStory’s recording servers, the complaint states. The data is subsequently made available to FullStory’s clients.

Nike Records Every Action and Data of Its Website User

Plaintiff Lisa Castro, an Elk Grove resident, asserts that she visited in October 2020 to shop apparel. While on the website, FullStory’s session replay feature recorded the plaintiff’s keystrokes and mouse clicks, and the company also recorded the date and time of the woman’s visits to, the duration of those visits, as well as her IP address, operating system, browser type, and location, according to the Nike Website Wiretapping Class Action Lawsuit.

Notably, the complaint alleges that Nike does not ask consumers for consent to be “wiretapped” by FullStory. Even if a user agrees to Nike’s privacy policy, the policy makes no mention of FullStory or the usage of its session replay on Nike’s website, according to the case.

The lawsuit demands to represent all residents of California who visited and had their electronic communications intercepted or otherwise recorded by FullStory.

Editor’s Note on Nike Website Wiretapping Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit against Nike for allegedly recording users’ actions on its website and collecting private identifying data without consent. We also recommend you read the Nike’s Bag Check Settlement with its staff for $8 Million.

Case Name & No.: Lisa Castro v. Nike, Inc., Case No. 2:21-at-00937

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court Eastern District of California

Allegations: Nike allegedly illegally allowed a marketing analytics company to wiretap its site and record users’ actions and private identifying data.

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