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Neuriva Lawsuit Claims Brain Supplements Don't Affect Brain Performance Consider The Consumer

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Brain Supplements Don’t Affect Brain Performance, According To Neuriva Lawsuit

Neuriva Lawsuit Claims Brain Supplements Don’t Affect Brain Performance

If you are someone who always likes to think on your feet, you’d always want to be ready for action. Ready to take on a task at work, or complete a routine for your weekly exercise. This is the reason people often turn to supplements to have an added boost to their health and energy. Although with the most recent class-action lawsuit filed against Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus brain supplements, claiming that they do not boost brain performance.

Plaintiffs allege that he bought the product on Amazon, after relying on the manufacturer’s advertising on the tube. There were also marketing gimmicks done on social media and on the brand’s website.

Reckitt Benckiser, the manufacturer of Neuriva products, claimed that their product has been proven clinically and scientifically to improve brain performance.

Further allegations involved the results that the plaintiffs experienced after taking the supplement for a time, that there were no such changes to their brain performance. That if they only knew the truth, they would not have bought the product.

With the words backed by science and clinically proven displayed prominently on their marketing and product label, customers would eventually lean to buying theirs just because of those words and how they are advertised.

The active ingredients in Neuriva products are coffee cherry extract, and soy-based Sharp PS, both the manufacturer claim are clinically proven to enhance brain performance.

The plaintiffs also wanted to bring this lawsuit individually and on behalf of other consumers to stop Reckitt Benckiser’s fraudulent representations, and change misleading perceptions that the company has been using as their marketing strategy.

There are two categories that the company’s misrepresentations fall under, that is the company makes false claims about their product, and that they market their product has health benefits that are scientifically proven to be helpful.

Further allegations also include the primary ingredient used in Neuriva products, that the coffee cherry extract cannot even affect BDNF levels in the brain, although the company continuously marketed Neuriva as a brain supplement.

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