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Neuriva Class Action Investigation Over False Labeling Concerns

Learn About The Neuriva Class Action Investigation

Have you been a fan of Neuriva products – in particular those of Neuriva Original and/or Nueriva Plus products? 

Schiff Vitamins, the maker of the popular brain performance supplement Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus, is being investigated for its claims that they are making with their Neuriva product offerings. 

As they are advertised by the company, Schiff claims that their products are “clinically proven” in helping an individual in improving their brain performance. 

According to a recent report, the investigation seeks out two ingredients in particular. These are Coffee Cherry and Plant-sourced Sharp PS (Phosphatidylserine). The company claims on its official website that they have done research on both of these ingredients to back their claim of effectiveness.

However, a slew of reviews posted online argue otherwise. One by the name of Niki posted on, details that they have tried to be as objective as they can during the first thirty days following their purchase of the product. They were enamored by the product due to its ‘compelling media ads’ but unfortunately, they were not able to observe profound improvements in the five areas the product claims it should. 

Another one came from online retailer Amazon expressed their disappointment in the product after using it for a total of three months. There was even a review posted on Walgreens saying that the only thing that they have gotten from using the product for a period of two weeks is extreme tiredness every time they wake up in the morning. They even reported that they experienced grogginess and not being able to focus. 

Though authorities are already on it, we here at Consider The Consumer would be more than glad to join in the quest of unearthing the truth and we invite every one of you to partake in this. 

Editor’s note on the Neuriva Class Action Investigation:

This piece was written to keep you in the know and inform you of the latest investigation being made towards the claims of Neuriva products, specifically the Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this piece feel free to Contact Us today! 

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