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Netflix 13 Reasons Why Class Action Lawsuit - Netflix To Be Blamed For Suicides Amongst Teens

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Netflix 13 Reasons Why Class Action Lawsuit – Netflix To Be Blamed For Suicides Amongst Teens…

Netflix Sued After Its Show 13 Reasons Why Allegedly Cause Psychological Harm And Suicide Among Young Watchers 

Streaming behemoth Netflix’s show 13 Reasons Why is in the middle of a class action litigation accusing the company’s show of inadvertently causing the suicide deaths of many children after they viewed it. 

Class Action Claims Netflix Negligent Of Its Shows Impact On Child Subscribers 

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According to the Netflix 13 Reasons Why Class Action Lawsuit, Netflix should answer to different accusations in court after many young individuals ended up harming themselves, with some even ending up killing themselves, after the release of the show on the streaming service’s platform. 

Filed by complainant John Herndon, he accused Netflix of being negligent of the different warnings raised by experts that their show 13 Reasons Why may potentially lead to young audiences hurting themselves.

Citing a significant increase in the number of child suicides at the show’s first month of pilot release, the class action lawsuit accused Netflix of inflicting psychological harm that was often very detrimental on child viewers of the show. 

Based on a novel, Netflix ended up producing and releasing the show, although they were earlier warned about by suicide prevention specialists about 13 Reasons Why’s potentially negative impact on impressionable young audiences. 

Furthermore, they were implored early on to drop plans of debuting the show on their globally famous video streaming platform for fear of irreversible damage. 

In fact, the streaming company ended up broadcasting a very graphic three-minute-long self-harm and suicide scene to depict the main character’s demise that was different from the original source material. Netflix only dropped the infamous cut from one of the show’s episodes two years after the show’s original release. 

Netflix Slapped With Accusations Of Promoting Its Psychological Show To Children And Others

To add in, Netflix is accused of using a high-tech software algorithm to promote their psychological show to young subscribers. 

Herndon, a grieving father that lost a daughter that passed away by suicide after allegedly being influenced by 13 Reasons Why, is seeking to take Netflix to court for different charges, including wrongful death, negligence, and failure to warn their watchers. 

Important Reminder

If you are dealing with mental health concerns, do not hesitate to seek help from trusted family members and friends. It is highly advised that you consult a licensed mental health expert to aid you in properly dealing with your current situation. 

About Netflix

Netflix is a worldwide streaming service provider with more than 200 million subscribers all over the globe. Their offerings, ranging from adaptations, original content, and the like, are enjoyed in over 190 countries. The company also offers different language dubbing and subtitle options for its international viewers. 

Editor’s Note on Netflix 13 Reasons Why Class Action Lawsuit – Netflix To Be Blamed For Suicides Amongst Teens: 

This class action article details the litigation raised against Netflix by a bereaved father of a child that allegedly died by suicide after getting influenced by 13 Reasons Why. A lawsuit was also filed against Netflix & Hulu after they allegedly violated New Jersey’s CTA Law.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): John Herndon, et al. v. Netflix Inc.; Case No.: 5:21-cv-06561

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of California for the County of Santa Clara Civil Division

Products/Services Involved: Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

Allegation(s): 13 Reasons Why by Netflix negatively affected and impacted very young children’s mental and psychological wellness. 

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