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Nestle Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer Class Action Lawsuit

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Nestle Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer Class Action Lawsuit Over False Advertising

Nestle USA charged with a Class Action Lawsuit for allegedly false advertising its product as 100% natural

A class action lawsuit was filed against Nestle in February 2021. The lawsuit alleges that the company falsely marketed its product, Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer.

One of the plaintiffs, Elizabeth Suriano, asserts that Nestle deliberately fooled their consumers by advertising the said product as all-natural and contains plant-based ingredients.

She states that the product, Natural Bliss, contains synthetic, non-vanilla ingredients.

Plaintiff Allegations

According to the ingredient list printed on the product, the creamer contains natural flavors. It does not specify whether the “natural flavor” came from natural ingredients.

The plaintiff claims that this label is misleading. She asserts that the term used was confusing for consumers since it implies that the product came from natural ingredients. 

She states that Natural Bliss, a non-dairy option offered by Nestle made from oat flour, is flavored with petrochemicals. She adds that this is made through an artificial process.

She also claims that the label on the product does not indicate that it was flavored artificially. According to her, false labeling influenced the decision of consumers to buy the product.

The plaintiff adds that consumers bought the product at a higher price because it was branded as all-natural.

She claims that consumers consider natural products as more valuable compared to alternatives. Because of this, consumers buy “natural” products even if they are more expensive.

Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer.

Market Research on Artificial Flavors

The lawsuit included three different studies to support its claims that consumers highly value natural products.

According to New Hope Network’s market research, 71% of customers avoid products containing artificial flavors.

Nielson conducted the same market research. The results show that 62% of customers avoid products with artificial flavors.

Meanwhile, a similar study conducted by Label Insight yielded a 76% result for consumers who avoid artificial flavors.

Related Laws

According to Suriano, the plaintiff, Nestle breached Illinois law for failing to notify consumers that the Natural Bliss consumer is produced from vanillin. Vanillin is an artificial substitute for vanilla beans.

The lawsuit claims that the Illinois Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act require declaration of products produced from artificial sources.

The plaintiff also asserts that federal regulators have directives on the use of vanilla.

She adds that the Food and Drug Administration mandate that products not made from vanilla bean should be identified as artificially flavored. 

Nestle went against this regulation because the ingredient list of the said product states that the creamer contains natural flavor.

The lawsuit filed also alleges that Neste defied the “Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.”

Similar lawsuits have been filed against companies regarding the use of fake vanilla as an ingredient.

The lawsuit filed by the plaintiff, Soriano, aims to represent consumers who have bought the said product and who are residing in Kansas, Illinois, or Iowa. The lawsuit seeks to compensate affected individuals.

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