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Nature's Recipe Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Nature’s Recipe Pet Food Class Action Filed; Alleges False Advertising

Nature’s Recipe Pet Food Class Action Says Product is NOT Grain-Free, as Advertised

A Nature’s Recipe class action lawsuit was filed against Big Heart Pet Brands Inc. for deceptively advertising that their Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Easy to Digest Salmon Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe Dog Food is “grain-free.”

Consumers allege that the brand’s claim is false as it contains considerable amounts of corn and soy protein, which are allergenic ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in dogs with grain allergies. Several consumers complained that their grain-sensitive dogs suffered from allergic reactions such as itching and chewing their skin while shedding at “an unhealthy level” after consuming the Nature’s Recipe Pet Food, which only stopped when the pets stopped consuming the product.

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The Truth of the Matter on Nature’s Recipe Pet Food

Independent testing of Nature’s Recipe “Grain-Free” dog food substantiated the allegations that the product contains substantial amounts of corn and soy proteins, which are grains and may cause grain-sensitive dogs to suffer allergic reactions. The alleged misrepresentation of the product being “Grain-Free” has caused consumers distress as this has allegedly put their beloved pets at risk.

Several advertising lines of Nature’s Recipe pet food are found on their website, the ingredients list, and the front label which respectively states:

“If you notice your dog is sensitive to a diet that contains grains, she may do better on a grain-free recipe.”

“No corn or wheat. No artificial flavors or preservatives. No poultry by-product meal. Real chicken or salmon as #1 ingredient in dry formulas. Natural food with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.”

“No Corn, Wheat, or Poultry.”

These misrepresentations allowed the company to charge the consumers with a premium product that failed to live up to its claims. Nature’s Recipe “Grain-Free” Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit Investigation claims that the company violated the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, breach of express warranty, breach of the implied warranty of merchantability, unjust enrichment, and violations of various state consumer protection laws.

Editor’s note on the  Nature’s Recipe Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is crafted to inform you about Nature’s Recipe “Grain-Free” Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit. If you or a family member purchased Nature’s Recipe “Grain-Free” Pet Food and your beloved canines have suffered allergic reactions, contact us today for help and evaluation.

If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the article above, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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