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MrBeast Burger Surcharge Tax Class Action Lawsuit

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MrBeast Burger Surcharge Tax Class Action Lawsuit – Oregon Customers Claim Illegal Hidden Charges…

MrBeast Burger Add Hidden Surcharge on Fast Food, Recent Class Action Alleges

MrBeast Burger, according to a proposed class action lawsuit, violated Oregon law by imposing a concealed surcharge or sales tax on its fast food items.

Christopher Hedgecock v. Mr Beast Burger

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Christopher Hedgecock’s Class Action Lawsuit Against MrBeast Burger

MrBeast Burger, according to plaintiff Christopher Hedgecock, misrepresents a concealed surcharge on its food as a “tax,” despite the fact that sales tax is illegal in Oregon. According to the company’s website, the “virtual restaurant brand” is operated by Virtual Dining Concepts and takes its name from a YouTube personality, “MrBeast.”

MrBeast Burger is a delivery-only fast-food restaurant chain, and customers must order through food delivery service apps. Hedgecock alleges that he was charged $3.16 more than the quoted price for a Beast Style Burger Combo near the Portland State University campus.

Hedgecock claims he discovered he had been charged more than the stated amount after completing his transaction and reading his receipt, which stated he had paid tax upon his purchase, despite the fact that such a tax is illegal in the state.

Hedgecock asserts that the “tax” identified by Oregon consumers on MrBeast Burger receipts is a surcharge that benefits the company directly by increasing its profits.

Oregon State Law Prohibits Sales Tax on Fast Food

According to the MrBeast Burger Surcharge Tax Class Action Lawsuit, the defendant got a monetary benefit in the form of increased profits as a result of the omission and deception by collecting concealed surcharges.

MrBeast Burgers imposed a surcharge masked as a “tax” on an Oregon class of consumers, which Hedgecock seeks to represent.

The MrBeast Burger Surcharge Tax Class Action Lawsuit argues that MrBeast Burger purposefully concealed the information that it was collecting a fee from consumers by disguising it as a sales tax.

MrBeast Burger was aware of or should have been aware that such omission violates Oregon law and that it would charge the plaintiff and class members for the surcharges despite the omission, the class action lawsuit claims.

Hedgecock has launched an unjust enrichment claim and alleges violations of Oregon’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act.

Lastly, Hedgecock states that he is currently seeking only equitable and injunctive relief and that he intends to amend his case to include a claim for damages if MrBeast Burger fails to cooperate or rectify its alleged error.

Editor’s Note on MrBeast Burger Surcharge Tax Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit lodged against MrBeast Burger, by an Oregon resident, over allegedly imposing a hidden surcharge on its receipt, a violation of Oregon state law. Similarly, we also suggest you read the Chick-fil-A Hidden Delivery Fees Class Action. 

Case Name & No.: Christopher Hedgecock v. Virtual Dining Concepts, LLC, Case No. 21-cv-39843

Jurisdiction: Circuit Court for the State of Oregon

Allegations: MrBeast Burger imposed a hidden surcharge on its receipt to allegedly increase its profit

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