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Morton Himalayan Pink Salt Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Pakistani Salt Or Himalayan Salt

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Morton Himalayan Pink Salt Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Pakistani Salt Or Himalayan Salt?

Morton Salt Class Action Lawsuit Over Pink Salt’s Origin

A new class action lawsuit claims that Morton Salt’s Himalayan Pink Salt is primarily harvested in Pakistan, hundreds of miles away from the Himalayas and that the company should be held accountable for falsely misrepresenting its origin.

Victoria Brown, et al. v. Morton Salt, Inc

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Victoria Brown and Heather Blum, the lead plaintiffs, allege that Morton is purposefully misleading people who are prepared and willing to pay premium prices for a product allegedly derived from the iron-rich Himalayan mountains.

Brown and Blum are seeking to represent a nationwide class of consumers and a California subclass of consumers who purchased any Morton Salt product claiming to be mined in the Himalayas.

Brown and Blum allege that they purchased Morton’s Himalayan Pink Salt separately — and spent more than they would have otherwise — after reading the label on the package, which stated that it was “harvested from ancient sea salt deposits deep within the Himalayas.”

Pakistani Pink Salt

According to the class action lawsuit, Morton’s Himalayan Pink Salt is sourced from the Khewra Salt mine located in Northern Pakistan, hundreds of miles from the Himalayas.

Consumers have a reasonable expectation that the Himalayan salt products they purchase will, in fact, come from the Himalayas. The plaintiffs claim that the defendant failed to disclose to consumers on the Salt Products’ labels that the salt products were not harvested from the Himalayas, according to the class action lawsuit.

Even though Himalayan pink salt is frequently promoted as coming from an unknown Himalayan mountain location, the majority of salt sold as such is actually mined in Northern Pakistan’s Khewra Salt Mine, hundreds of miles from the snow-capped Himalayas, the case begins. 

According to the lawsuit, the deception of the origins of pink salt is so widespread that Pakistani officials are planning to register Khewra salt with international trade organizations in order to ensure that the product’s genuine source is not confused by misleading advertising.

Brown and Blum assert that Morton’s violated the following:

  • California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act
  • Unfair Competition Law, and
  • False Advertising Law

The plaintiffs seek and demand a jury trial as well as declaratory and injunctive remedies on their own behalf and the whole class.

Editor’s Note on Morton Himalayan Pink Salt Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit filed against Morton Salt, Inc. over allegedly misleading people to think that its pink salt originally came from the Himalayas when it was sourced in Northern Pakistan. A similar class action lawsuit was also filed against Twinings of London, concerning the origins of their teas.

Case Name & No.: Victoria Brown, et al. v. Morton Salt, Inc., Case No. 4:21-cv-06855

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services: Himalayan pink salt

Allegations: Morton Salt allegedly mined its Himalayan pink salt from Pakistan, thus misleading consumers and potential buyers about its place of origin

Status: Pending

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