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Monster Energy Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Monster Energy Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Use of Fake Vanilla

Do You Drink Monster Energy Co.’s French Vanilla Java 300?

A Monster Energy class action lawsuit was filed recently alleging that their French Vanilla Java 300 Triple Shot doesn’t really have any sort of real vanilla in it.

What’s Actually Missing?

If you look at the ingredients listed, vanilla beans are not even close to being a main ingredients that contribute to the product’s flavor. 

There are regulations authorized by Congress where it stops companies from using fraudulent labeling to sell their vanilla-based products if the taste is not derived solely from vanilla beans. These regulations help keep companies in check according to the lawsuit, so that customers can tell from its labeling where the flavor is coming from.

The case further claims that the French Vanilla on the Monster Energy drink label did not fall under the terms of these regulations, making consumers believe that the taste of the product will be the same as the flavor that comes from the vanilla beans.

Also, when the list of the Monster Energy drink ingredients are checked, it shows the words Natural Flavors (Contains Vanilla Extract), but it does not specify anything else.

Now, there is a possibility that real vanilla is present in the drink, but the main source of flavor comes from artificial vanilla flavoring

Further tests also claim that the product has abnormal levels of vanillin among its ingredients compared to the amount of important odor-active compounds in genuine vanilla.

Editor’s note on the Monster Energy Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Monster Energy Drink French Vanilla Java 300 Lawsuits. If you believe that what is alleged in the Monster Energy Drink French Vanilla Java 300 lawsuit has affected you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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