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Molekule Air Purifier Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Yet Another Molekule Air Purifier Class Action Lawsuit Filed

Not Getting Enough Clean Air? The Molekule Air Purifier Class Action Lawsuit May Explain Why

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Molekule’s Air, Air Mini and Air Mini+ air purification devices, the company may not being giving consumers what they’re touting.

The company’s proprietary Photo Electrochemical Oxidation, or PECO filter, is advertised as the world’s first molecular air purifier but is claimed to perform worse than the conventional HEPA air filters as they do not remove any pollutants from the air.

There is a list of misrepresentations in relation to the product’s performance, abilities, and benefits:

  • PECO filter technology marketed to outperform HEPA filters in every pollutant category
  • That their product can remove the full spectrum of indoor air pollutants
  • That it can achieve quantified pollution standards, such as removing 1 million allergens in 4 minutes
  • That the product was subjected to independent testing as a basis for Molekule’s advertising claims
  • Their products can be used in rooms of particular sizes
  • That they can provide relief for people with allergies or asthma
  • Their products can also fight unhealthy levels of wildfire smoke, as they are advertised to not only filter out ash and debris but destroy air pollutants as well

According to the Molekule Air Purifier Class Action Lawsuit, with the spread of the coronavirus, the Molekule air purifier line is also touted to destroy the coronavirus.

The complaint also focuses on several points where Molekule’s representations fail under intense scrutiny.

Consumer Reports mention that Molekule Air nearly failed the standard battery of tests through which the publication posts air purifiers.

Regarding a review by Wirecutter, a New York Times tech review affiliate, Molekule Air was described as the worst air purifier that they have tested.

As Molekule claimed its PECO filters were better than existing HEPA types, Wirecutter focused on checking that claim, and with every single setting that they put the product through, Molekule air failed on each one and its results were substantially worse than the competition.

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