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Midwestern Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit

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Midwestern Pet Food Charged With A Class Action Lawsuit 

Midwestern Pet Food, Inc. issued a recall for multiple products in December 2020.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was alerted regarding the incident.

This was following multiple cases of alleged pet deaths and illnesses after their product, Sportsmix, was consumed.

The Recall

In January 2021, the product recall was extended to include all pet products produced by the company that contains corn.

The products recalled allegedly had aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a toxin that can grow from grains, nuts, and corn when it is not stored correctly.

The products recalled were produced from the company’s plant in Oklahoma and were set to expire on July 9, 2022.

According to the FDA, they have received multiple reports concerning the company involving more than 110 pet deaths and more than 210 pet illnesses.

It is believed that the cause of damages to the animal’s health was due to the consumption of various products from Midwestern Pet Food.

FDA has alerted pet owners and veterinary professionals regarding buying pet food products by Midwestern that may contain fatal amounts of aflatoxin.

The Lawsuit

Multiple dog owners whose pets were affected by Midwestern’s products filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Midwestern Pet Foods in January 2021.

According to the plaintiffs, Midwestern misleadingly advertised their products. Their line Sportsmix, together with other pet foods, is in question after being marketed as appropriate food for animals.

Plaintiffs assert that the said products contain a dangerous amount of aflatoxin, a mold-borne toxin that is not suitable for pet consumption.

Aflatoxin can have unfavorable side effects when consumed, including sluggishness, jaundice, vomiting, liver damage, diarrhea, and death.

Paying Off The Affected

The lawsuit also alleges that Midwestern Pet Food has even attempted to pay off affected pet owners to buy their silence.

Complainants claim that Midwestern should be held responsible for not being aware that their products were contaminated. Furthermore, they believe that the company should ensure the “high quality” of their products.

The lawsuit aims to represent all entities who bought part of the recalled products produced by Midwestern Pet Food. They look to be compensated for over $5 million worth of damages.

As of writing, Midwestern Pet Foods has not yet responded regarding allegations made against them. Previous similar cases involving large pet food corporations resulted in millions worth of settlement for pet owners.

Editor’s Note On Midwestern Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit:

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