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mercury grand marquis intake manifold recall

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Mercury Grand Marquis Intake Manifold Recall By Ford

Ford orders Mercury Grand Marquis Intake Manifold Recall Over A Lawsuit Filed By Consumers

Ford has been manufacturing different vehicles for a long time now. Though it has long been in the business, it has not been able to stir away from the sea of controversies that hound many different business establishments belonging to the consumer world on a daily basis. 

One such incident is when the company was involved in a recall involving one of its models, the Mercury Grand Marquis. 

The Ford intake manifold recall included its manifold component used in its select models released by the company. 

The issue was caused apparently by the substandard material used in the manufacturing process, which led to the issues being experienced by many consumers and car owners worldwide. 

One of the vehicle models involved, the Grand Marquis intake manifold leak, will most likely cause fatigue cracks and coolant leaks under the car’s hood. 

It is worth noting that not only the 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis but also the 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis is involved in the Ford intake manifold recall. 

Affected customers who own the following models can have been victims as well without them knowing. 

Some models are as old as the 1996 Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car; and as late as a few select 2002 Ford Explorers. 

Faced with a lawsuit, the automaker has agreed to do a Ford intake manifold recall to address the issues for 4.6 intake manifold problems reported by customers. 

According to reports, there are more than two million affected individuals that can take part in it. A sum has been given to those who have had their vehicles fixed out of their own pockets. 

About Ford:

Ford or Ford Motor Company is an American multinational car manufacturer based in the state of Michigan. 

Founded more than a hundred years ago, the company offers a wide range of vehicular offerings – from Ford Explorers to luxury cars under the separate brand known as Lincoln. It is the second-largest car company in the U.S. 

Ford Website: About (

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