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McDonald’s Vanilla Ice Cream Lawsuit

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McDonald’s Vanilla Ice Cream Lawsuit Dismissed 2021 – California Judge Disagrees With Plaintiff On Fake Vanilla…

The Class Action Lawsuit

A judge has recently dismissed a class action lawsuit filed against McDonald’s, alleging that its vanilla ice cream does not contain real vanilla.

The lead plaintiff, Eugina Harris, filed the class action lawsuit against the American fast-food company in September 2020.

The class action lawsuit claims that McDonald’s has intentionally deceived their customers into thinking that the vanilla in their ice cream is natural. However, the lead plaintiff claims that it only contains vanilla flavoring.

She adds that a test has been conducted on the company’s vanilla ice cream, which revealed that the flavor came from vanillin, and artificial flavoring, instead of vanilla.

According to the class action lawsuit, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only acknowledges products made from the vanilla bean as natural.

The class action lawsuit aims to represent individuals residing in California who have purchased McDonald’s vanilla ice cream.

Case Dismissal

According to McDonald’s, the claims are false since usual customers would not expect that fast food companies would serve vanilla ice cream made from vanilla beans. 

The company adds that regular customers understand that the vanilla term refers to the flavoring and not the product’s ingredient.

A California federal judge, Richard Seeborg, dismissed the class action lawsuit against McDonald’s on March 24, 2021.

The judge approved McDonald’s request to dismiss the case due to the plaintiff’s alleged failure to submit enough evidence to support her claims.

The order adds that the plaintiff needs to provide more facts to prove that McDonald’s has misled customers regarding their vanilla ice cream.

He adds that there is also not enough evidence to prove that customers paid a premium price because they believe that the ice cream served by McDonald’s is made of natural vanilla beans.

The plaintiffs were given 30 days to revise the lawsuit and provide additional evidence supporting and proving all their allegations against the company.

Related Lawsuits

Multiple class action lawsuits were also filed against various companies asserting that their food products do not contain natural vanilla.

Aside from this class action lawsuit, McDonald’s was also charged with a class action lawsuit with similar claims against their vanilla ice cream in March 2020.

The class action lawsuit argues that the company has failed to inform customers about their vanilla ice cream ingredients.

A similar class action lawsuit has also been filed against Orgain, claiming that their vanilla almond milk is not made of natural vanilla beans.

Plaintiffs who have filed these lawsuits believe that vanilla products should only be made from vanilla beans since this is the only ingredient recognized by FDA as natural vanilla.

Editor’s Note on McDonald’s Vanilla Ice Cream Lawsuit Dismissed 2021:

This article is published to inform you of the latest McDonald’s class action lawsuit dismissed by the court alleging that the company’s ice cream contains fake vanilla. 

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