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The McDonald's Racial Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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The McDonald’s Racial Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

Workers Sue McDonald’s for Racial Discrimination

The black employees at a McDonald’s branch in Rock Island reportedly suffered racial harassment. Moreover, they received remarks such as “ghetto,” “lazy” and “smelly” from their white supervisors and co-workers. They were also being racially discriminated for being given fewer hours to work compared to their white colleagues.

Moreover, one of them claims that the company fired them for speaking out about the unjust treatment. Meanwhile, another employee had to quit because of fear of retaliation.

Due to this, the employees decided to sue McDonald’s.

“The General Manager, who is white, and other managers, who are Latina, at the Eleventh Street McDonald’s Restaurant have engaged in severe or pervasive harassment of Black employees and customers,” the lawsuit claims. 

Also, the management treated Black employees differently in terms of enforcing dress codes and discipline. The management also frequently scheduled Black workers for fewer hours and shifts than white workers.

More About the Lawsuit

According to reports, these issues are “not an isolated incident, but is instead symptomatic of a pattern or practice of McDonald’s corporate leadership’s failure to address pervasive racism and anti-Black sentiment throughout the organization, from executives in the C-suite to individual managers at restaurants throughout the country,” the lawsuit argues.

“As a new mother, I started working at McDonald’s to provide a better life for my baby girl, but at work, I was subjected to harassment and discrimination,” said Plaintiff Selynda Middlebrook.

Aside from the monetary damages, the lawsuit also seeks for the court to order McDonald’s to tell its managers that “racial discrimination and retaliation toward Black employees shouldn’t be tolerated by any level of employee, including a general manager.”

Furthermore, the plaintiffs of the lawsuit want their managers to avoid racial discrimination and retaliation. They want them to create “a safe reporting mechanism including multiple channels for reporting race discrimination and retaliation” and to inform workers of those channels.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s franchiser Gendco Inc. also provided a statement. Owner Trina Gordon said, “I am deeply committed to running a values-led organization, and discrimination, harassment, or retaliation of any kind are not tolerated in my restaurants.”

Editor’s note on The McDonald’s Racial Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is to inform you about The McDonald’s Racial Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit.

If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the article above, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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