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MLB & San Francisco Giants TCPA Class Action Lawsuit

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Major League Baseball & San Francisco Giants TCPA Class Action Lawsuit – Nationwide Illegal Robotexts…

Baseball team San Francisco Giants and the Major League Baseball (MLB) are in hot water for sending out illegal marketing robotexts to consumers without their prior written express consent as a bid to promote fan engagement. 

The class action lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, claims that this slew of illegal marketing texts is a direct violation of the protective clauses of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. 

Plaintiff Kristina Lee shared that she received messages from both the MLB and San Francisco Giants since mid-2019. 

These text messages range from promotions of upcoming games and events to advertisements of merchandise items. 

This is allegedly done through the use of a series of ‘shortcode’ telephone numbers. 

These are then used to send out the illegal robotexts to unknowing customers, including Lee. 

The league’s marketing department, MLB Advanced Media LP, is the defendant in the MLB Robotext TCPA Class Action Lawsuit. 

Lee argued that the entity’s means of reaching customers and engaging them to boost interest in the sports league does not give any regard to the individual’s privacy. 

As Lee puts it, “MLB Media and the club owners, including the Giants, began skirting their obligations under the TCPA” in their attempt to spark consumer interest in the league and the clubs that belong to it. 

The class action filed aims to form a nationwide Class involving members who received these illegal robotexts from MLB and the San Francisco Giants without their prior consent.

It is also seeking compensation for damages as well as the end of the practice of sending out illegal robotexts to customers. 

About the Major League Baseball 

Major League Baseball or MLB is a professional baseball organization consisting of thirty teams in total – fifteen playings in the National League and fifteen in the American League.

Founded in 1869 in Cincinnati, Ohio, it is the oldest major professional sports league in the United States. 

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