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We All Scream For Ice Cream Fraud! Magnum Ice Cream Lawsuit Arises

Magnum Ice Cream Class Action Lawsuit

A Magnum Ice Cream Class Action was filed last week regarding the brands advertising practices. Evidently, the brand claims to use vanilla in their products, yet the lawsuit alleges otherwise. According the complaint, Magnum advertises its bars and tubs of its ice cream as “vanilla’ flavored, but in reality, most of the vanilla flavoring is not real vanilla at all but is derived from vanilla substitute.

Similarly, it is made known throughout the lawsuit that Magnum reportedly uses the vague description of “natural flavors,” misleading customers into thinking that the ice cream is flavored with natural vanilla, not imitation vanilla, and other natural flavors.

The Magnum Ice Cream Lawsuit alleges that the company intentionally tricks customers due to the fact that most consumers will have a preference for genuine vanilla products over imitation ones, of course. Here, the company capitalize off of these deceptive practices to not only move more ice cream, but hike-up and maximize their profits. Please note that the Magnum Ice Cream Class Action also makes mention of the fact that vanilla is one of the world’s most expensive flavors, and is at high risk for imitation because there are so many vanilla substitutes out there.

Fooled by Magnum? Sheehan & Associates Are On The Case!

Our friends at Sheehan & Associates, P.C., have filed this lawsuit on behalf of all consumers who have purchased these products. For more information about this Lawsuit, or to join the Class Action, please contact us today!

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The Vanilla Fraud Epidemic; A Call to Action!

Similarly, we’d like to know about all of your vanilla products. Are they masquerading around as “real” also? Simply take a picture and send them our way! You can email your products to us at, or submit them on our website, here! We look forward to receiving and reviewing these submissions.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first vanilla lawsuit filed of late. We have record of a few, actually. These lawsuits are as follows:





Editor’s note on the Magnum Ice Cream Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recently filed Magnum Ice Cream Lawsuit. For more information, please shoot us an email to, find us on Twitter, FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or even connect with us directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from all of you.  Please note that this investigation piece has been sponsored by Sheehan and Associates and Consider the Consumer has received compensation for such sponsorship.

Similarly, please check out our current list of Class Actions and Class Action Investigations, here.

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