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Your List of Class Action Settlements For September! Free Money! consider the consumer

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Your List of Class Action Settlements For September! Free Money!

Well, Summer is over and you’re sad. Sorry about that… We do have something to cheer you up, though! Your monthly breakdown of class action settlements is here, and spectacular! As always, our team has broken down all of our favorite settlements for your convenience. Below is both a comprehensive list of every class action settlement available in September 2018 and a shortlist of our favorites. This list of class action settlements not only breaks down our favorite and most attainable settlements, it also gives you direct access to filing a claim for each settlement online.

If you believe to have been affected by these class action lawsuits and the products and services within, click through to see if you qualify for the settlement/award!

If you have any questions or concerns about the settlements don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask (

We’re talkin’ free money here, and we don’t want you to miss out

Editor’s Choice: Our Favorite Class Action Settlements This Month

Ally Financial Leasing Fees Class Action Settlement

In this case, the class definition is as follows: All persons nationwide who leased a motor vehicle pursuant to a SmartLease Agreement that was assigned to Ally Financial Inc. (or a predecessor in interest or affiliated company, including General Motors Acceptance Corporation, GMAC LLC, GMAC Inc., GMAC Automotive Bank, Ally Bank, Ally Bank Lease Trust or Ally Financial Lease Trust), and who subsequently purchased the leased vehicle between June 4, 2009 and June 18, 2018 pursuant to the purchase option provision in the SmartLease Agreement and were required to pay a documentary, dealer, or similar fee not disclosed in the SmartLease Agreement when purchasing the vehicle (the “Settlement Class”). It looks like this settlement pool comes in just under $20 million! Get your hands on some of that, and file your claim today!

You are a member of the class if during the qualified period described below you were a California resident insured under a State Farm homeowners or commercial insurance policy between December 31, 2004 and the summer of 2014 who made a claim for damage or loss to personal property and accepted payment from State Farm of less than the applicable policy limits, or whose claims are still pending and have not been offered the policy limits. This is a class action lawsuit that was brought against State Farm in Santa Clara County Superior Court. The case challenged the way that State Farm calculated depreciation on claims for loss or damage to your personal property. It was proven at trial that State Farm violated California law by unfairly calculating depreciation based upon the age alone of a damaged item without considering its condition at the time of loss. This ultimately resulted in over depreciation and inappropriately reduced payouts. Further, the Court held that State Farm violated California law by failing to accurately notify its policyholders in writing of the basis or reasoning for its calculation of depreciation. File your State Farm claim now!

Complete Settlement List


Ally Financial Leasing Fees Class Action Settlement

BabyGanics Baby Products Class Action Settlement

Medicredit Call Recording Class Action Settlement

Scott’s Turf Builder Class Action Settlement (Only some States included)

State Farm Personal Property Class Action Settlement

Stony Hollow Landfill Odor Class Action Settlement

TransPerfect Employee Data Breach Class Action Settlement

ArtVan Furniture Unauthorized Marketing Calls Settlement

Three-Day Blind Class Action Settlement

Business Information Group Background Check Class Action Settlement

Taste of Nature Inc. Boxed Candy Class Action Settlement

Fogle Restaurants Facility Fee Class Action Settlement


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