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Lenovo Fake Discounts Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - False Pricing & Discounts To Lure Unaware Customers

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Lenovo Fake Discounts Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – False Pricing & Discounts To Lure Unaware Customers…

Lenovo Displays Fake Prices To Trick Buyers 

A California class action lawsuit is accusing consumer electronics manufacturer Lenovo of falsely posting false regular prices and discount deals on their official site in a bid to make consumers think that they are buying a greater valued product than what they actually are. 

Andrew Axelrod, et al. v. Lenovo (United States) Inc.

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Filed by duo Eliot Burk and Andrew Axelrod, the Lenovo Fake Discounts Class Action Lawsuit is suing Lenovo for allegedly engaging in false reference pricing tactics to entice customers to buy more products from them. 

Both argue that Lenovo reportedly put on an artificially inflated sale price on their products site. This, according to the plaintiffs, leads to consumers paying for more although they have lesser value. 

Per Burk, one of the complainants in the case, he bought a Lenovo laptop from the company thinking that he was buying a great deal as the site detailed that he is going to get $1000 off on its regular price. 

However, Lenovo, in fact, just drastically increased the displayed value of its laptop on their site to make the plaintiff think that they are getting a bang for their buck with their purchase. 

More Details For The Lenovo Fake Discounts Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit proponents believe that Lenovo does their false and highly deceptive price referencing scheme in purpose to trick their customers into buying their offerings. 

Furthermore, Lenovo purportedly positions itself on the gaining side as their deceptive methods give them an unfair advantage over their competitors in the market. 

The Lenovo Fake Discounts Class Action Lawsuit is suing Lenovo for alleged violations of California’s different state laws. In addition, charges of negligent and intentional misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and breaches of contract and express warranty were brought up against the company. 

Editor’s Note on Lenovo Fake Discounts Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This report aims to discuss the latest class action filed against Lenovo after they allegedly tricked customers into thinking they were getting a great deal with them. A similar class action was filed against Udemy.

Case Name(s) & No.: Andrew Axelrod, et al. v. Lenovo (United States) Inc.; Case No.: 4:21-cv-06770

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California 

Products/Services Involved: Sales & Discounts

Allegation(s): Lenovo has practiced deceptive and false price referencing to attract customers into buying their items. 

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