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Lemonade Biometrics Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Insurance Company In Court Over Illegally Collecting Facial Biometric Of Users

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Lemonade Biometrics Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Insurance Company In Court Over Illegally Collecting Facial Biometric Of Users…

Lemonade Insurance Company Gathered And Used Their Customers’ Biometric Data Without Asking For Prior Consent 

Insurance provider Lemonade Insurance Company is accused in a recent class action case of allegedly collecting, storing, using, and analyzing their customers’ biometric information without obtaining prior consent. 

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Complainant Accuses Insurer Lemonade Of Violating The Law 

Filed by leading complainant Mark Pruden, the Lemonade Biometrics Class Action Lawsuit is taking Lemonade to court after they allegedly mishandled their customers’ personal biometric data, violating the law. 

The class action lawsuit came after the insurance company’s official social media account inadvertently shared to the world how its technology used customer biometric data for fraud prevention purposes. 

Now deleted, the post detailed how they scanned and used their clients’ face scans via the use of a facial recognition application without prior authorization from the individual. In its claims process, Lemonade Insurance Company allegedly asked their insurance claimants to send in a video of themselves explaining their side on their individual insurance claim filings. 

However, this runs against Lemonade Insurance Company’s promise in its Data Privacy Pledge.

Pruden contended that he and other Lemonade customers believed the company’s promise and ended up being tricked as the company collected facial scans without even asking for prior express consent. 

Further Information 

It is further alleged that Lemonade Insurance Company profited from the gathered customer facial biometric scans. 

Had they known the truth, the complainant said that they would not have chosen to get insured under Lemonade Insurance Company or would have demanded to pay less for their insurance agreements with the insurer. 

The Lemonade Biometrics Class Action Lawsuit is filing charges including different violations of New York state law. 

About Lemonade Insurance Company

Lemonade Insurance Company, officially known as defendant Lemonade, Inc. in this case, is an insurer that provides different types of insurance products, including pet insurance, term life insurance, renters’ insurance, and the like. 

Based in New York City, Lemonade Insurance Company serves not only American clients but also offers similar services to select European markets. 

Editor’s Note on Lemonade Biometrics Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This article details the class action lawsuit filed against insurance provider Lemonade, Inc. after they allegedly violated New York state laws and not upholding their promise of not obtaining and using users’ data without express permission. A class action has also been filed against T-Mobile, alleging them of being responsible for a Data Breach it experienced.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Mark Pruden v. Lemonade, Inc., et al..; Case No.: 1:21-cv-07070

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Southern District of New York 

Products/Services Involved: Lemonade Insurance Company’s facial recognition technology

Allegation(s): Lemonade, Inc. has collected, stored, and used their customers’ facial biometric data without obtaining each individual owners’ prior consent. 

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