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L.A. Fitness Class Action Lawsuit 2021 -

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L.A. Fitness Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Charging Membership Fees To Wrong Account Holders…

L.A. Fitness Illegally Charged Its Customers Without Seeking Their Consent

Gym company L.A. Fitness in a class action lawsuit, is accused of illegally charging one of its customers for membership fees even though the membership was already canceled by the customer. 

Gym Members Accuse L.A. Fitness Of Violating The Law 

The latest class action lawsuit against L.A. Fitness is filed by complainant Zolton Nagy arguing that the gym company has continued to illegally deduct membership fees on his bank account via EFT or electronic fund transfer. 

Nagy found out that L.A. Fitness has been automatically charging his bank account via EFT with another gym member’s account after the company mistakenly linked their information to Nagy’s bank. 

The unrelated L.A. Fitness gym member even reportedly ended their gym subscription long before the incident. 

This led to L.A. Fitness illegally continuing to charge Nagy from his bank account without any prior notice, which he argued is tantamount to violation of the law. On their end, the gym company agreed to only give a partial refund as it backed down on the idea of paying the remaining balance. 

He reportedly asked for a full refund, yet the company has not responded to the request as of writing. 

Class Action Brief

The L.A. Fitness Class Action Lawsuit 2021 is seeking to take L.A. Fitness to court for alleged violations of several state business laws and the Electronic Funds Transfer Act. 

Nagy is looking to form and represent a Nationwide Class consisting of L.A. Fitness gym members all over the country who experienced getting charged without their prior consent by the gym company; meanwhile, a Subclass for California residents is included in the class action. 

About L.A. Fitness 

L.A. Fitness, legally operating under the name L.A. Fitness International LLC, is a gym company that offers fitness-related services and products founded more than three decades ago. The company has over 700 locations all over the country and Canada. L.A. Fitness’s headquarters is located in California. 

Editor’s Note on L.A. Fitness Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article features the latest news about the class action lawsuit filed against gym and fitness company L.A. Fitness after they allegedly violated the law for illegally charging one of their customer for membership without asking for any express permission. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s):  Zolton Nagy v. Fitness International LLC, et al.; Case No.: 2-21-cv-04766

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Central District of California

Products/Services Involved: Membership Fees

Allegation(s): L.A. Fitness is accused of illegal deeds after the company continued to charge fees on one of their members’ bank account without them knowing. 

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