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Kraft Mac & Cheese Phthalates Class Action Lawsuit

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Kraft Mac & Cheese Phthalates Class Action Lawsuit – Dangerous Chemical Used On Purpose…

Kraft Was Sued For Health Risks Involving Their Mac And Cheese

American food manufacturer, Kraft Heinz Company, was charged with a class action lawsuit alleging that consumption of their mac and cheese products can be dangerous to health.

Michelle Devera and Aaron Clarke, the lead plaintiffs, filed the class action lawsuit against Kraft Heinz Company on April 5, 2021, at a California federal court.

The class action lawsuit attests that the company’s mac and cheese products contain dangerous toxins and chemicals that can significantly impact the health of individuals who consume them.

The lead plaintiffs assert that Kraft intentionally deceived customers by selling the products despite knowing that they can be harmful. They add that the company profited from their actions and disregarded their customer’s health.


The class action lawsuit states that the company knows about the existence of harmful chemicals in their product. It adds that since 2017, advocates have been calling the company to remove the chemical called phthalates from their products.

Phthalates are an artificial chemical generally used on plastics. This chemical helps make plastic durable and flexible.

The chemical has been associated with multiple health issues, including allergies, asthma, hormone interference, and obesity.

The class action lawsuit that an independent test conducted on Kraft’s 30 cheese products revealed that 29 of them have phthalates. Out of the 29 products, eight of them belong to the company’s mac and cheese line.

The class action lawsuit argues that the phthalate levels found in Kraft’s mac and cheese were four times higher than natural cheese. It contends that the type of phthalate that was identified in Kraft’s product was DHEP.

According to the class action lawsuit, DHEP is the most restricted type of phthalate.

Alleged Harmful Effects

The class action lawsuit maintains that phthalate has been linked to multiple diseases. It adds that consumption of products containing it can be dangerous for children and adults.

The chemical is allegedly more dangerous to children. Early exposure to children was associated with causing asthma, allergies, bronchial obstruction, developmental deficiencies, and obesity.

Phthalates are also known as endocrine disruptors. According to the class action lawsuit, they are called because they can stop producing hormones that influence children’s growth.

The class action lawsuit also maintains that it can have long-term dangerous side effects, including lower sperm count, infertility, and behavior impact. It can also allegedly increase the risk of testicular cancer.

Countries like the US currently do not allow phthalates on care products and children’s toys.

Editor’s Note on Kraft Mac & Cheese Phthalates Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit against Kraft, alleging that their mac and cheese products contain harmful chemicals.

Case Name & No.: Kraft Mac and Cheese Class Action Lawsuit, 3:21-cv-02437, US District Court of California
Products/Services: Mac and cheese products
Allegations: Kraft’s mac and cheese products contain chemicals that are dangerous to the health
Status: Pending

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