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Kings Hawaiian Sweet Roll Class Action – Production Origin Is A Lie!

Not made in Hawaii! Lawsuit claims King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are not from Aloha State

Are you a fan of sweets? Confectionaries? Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, a bite of a sweet or two will not fail to pull your heartstrings. 

Have you had a taste of a Hawaiian Sweet Roll before? Well, one of its famous manufacturers, King’s Hawaiian is in legal trouble because of its sweet treat. 

King’s Hawaiian is involved in a class action lawsuit filed in a Manhattan federal court alleging that its King’s Hawaiin Sweet Roll product is no longer originally a Hawaiian product. 

Robert Galinsky, the plaintiff to the case, argues in his lawsuit that the maker behind the sweet treat has allegedly defrauded its consumers through deceptive advertising. 

This act led to many customers believing that the King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll product is still made in Hawaii even though it is not anymore. 

They argue that the product’s labels on its prow side have a statement like “Hilo, Hawaii,” which mislead consumers into concluding that the product is made in the Aloha State. 

However, if one will turn it to its back, it will be visible that a note would tell you that the King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll is instead manufactured in California. 

In a statement in the lawsuit, plaintiff Galinsky argues that the product’s authenticity has overtaken quality as the prevailing purchasing criterion.

He adds examples to back this argument up, such as an analogy between the product’s name and its actual origins. 

He added that the sweets company’s action is manifested through its inability to identify from the get-go King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls’ place of origin. 

This is entirely different for where the products are manufactured should be stated first and foremost instead of the company’s origins that makes and sells them. 

Galinsky contends that King’s Hawaiian knows what it is doing to intentionally mislead many consumers of its products. 

The class action is seeking to force King’s Hawaiian to update its King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls to reflect the actual nature of the product along with demands of compensation for damages.

A handful of companies, too, have been slapped with different lawsuits involving their Hawaiian-advertised product offerings ranging from Kona Brewing Company to fellow sweets maker Hawaiian Host. 

About King’s Hawaiian:

King’s Hawaiian, originally founded by Robert Tiara more than six decades ago, is a family-owned and operated baked goods company that makes the famous King’s Hawaiian Sweet Roll and other sweets. 

The company has now moved its headquarters and main operations to the state of California.   

King’s Hawaiian Website: King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant – King’s Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant – Restaurant in CA (

Editor’s note on Kings Hawaiian Sweet Roll Class Action:

This article is created to update you of the details regarding the argument in a recently filed lawsuit contending that King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are not from Hawaii.

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