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KIND All Natural Snack Bars Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Falsely Advertising Snack Bars As Natural

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KIND All Natural Snack Bars Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Falsely Advertising Snack Bars As Natural?

New York Judge Gives Permission For KIND All Natural Snack Bar Class Action To Move Forward

A New York court has released an order allowing the certification of a class action lawsuit filed against the maker of Kind All Natural Snack Bar for allegedly falsely claiming that the said product is made of natural ingredients, although the truth is the exact opposite. 

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KIND Snack Bars Are Not Natural And Made Of Non-GMO Ingredients, Case Contend

The KIND All Natural Snack Bars Class Action Lawsuit is a collective of different filed class actions arguing that defendant KIND LLC, the company behind Kind All Natural Snack Bar, has used marketing statements saying that their product is free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and is an all-natural product. 

Yet, different testings conducted on the products showed that they were made out of United States-grown corns, soybeans, and canola ingredients – all of which were genetically modified; hence the company’s claims are largely untrue. 

New York Judge Decides In Favor Of Complainants

United States (U.S.) District Court for the Southern District of New York’s Senior District Judge William H. Pauley III has released his decision in favor of the complainants in the class action. The announcement came after KIND LLC filed a motion to dismiss, stating that the plaintiffs in the class action were not able to clearly establish that the statements made by the company on their snack bars were misleading. 

Judge Pauley III, nevertheless, rejected the defendant’s arguments and allowed the class action proceedings to push through under his court. He further added that the three different cases consolidated and filed under his court’s jurisdiction, although having three different statements, shared a single commonality – all of them are potentially deceptive to the everyday consumer. 

The New York judge enumerated his reasons, but he denied the class action’s attempt to form an injunctive class. But three state classes were allowed and certified in his latest decision. 

About The Defendant 

KIND LLC is a New York-based food company established in 2004. KIND LLC, also known as KIND Bars, KIND Snacks, or simply KIND, makes and sells different kinds of granola, granola bar, and snack bar offerings in the market. In late 2020, the company became fully owned by snack foods giant Mars, incorporated after the latter paid $5 billion for the deal to push through. 

Editor’s Note on KIND All Natural Snack Bars Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This article talks about the latest court decision involving the class action case filed against KIND LLC accusing the food company of not being truthful about their product’s ingredients. A class action was also filed over KIND’s protein bars.

Case Name(s) & No.: In re: Kind LLC ‘Healthy and All Natural’ Litigation.; Case No.: 1:15-md002645

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Southern District of New York

Products/Services Involved: Kind Snack Bars

Allegation(s): KIND LLC falsely advertised their snack bars and misled customers into believing that they are buying an all-natural and GMO-free product. 

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