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Kilwins Class Action Lawsuit - False Serving Capacity & Calories

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Kilwins Class Action Lawsuit – False Serving Capacity & Calories

The fact is, it’s hard to deny that every one of us loves a sweet treat or two.

Either you have a sweet tooth or not, it is undeniable that we will all feel a sudden rush of emotions whenever we have a luscious treat melting inside our mouths.

May it be happiness, nostalgia, or anything in between.

However, it seems that a Michigan-based sweets store left a bitter taste on its customers’ mouths after it allegedly falsely declared the portions and calories information on its products labeling.

To those who are highly concerned about the specific of the food items that they consume, finding out pieces of information ranging from calories to portions suggestions are very helpful for their diet.

Some may even have strict dietary requirements, ergo the right product information may play a key role in attaining their diet goals.

But with this case, Kilwins Quality Confections of Michigan has allegedly irked their regular customers after it has not properly declared the actual product serving and the calories present in their sweets offering.

John Rand has filed a class action lawsuit against Kilwins Quality Confections.

Rand argues in his class action that Kilwins Quality Confections have been tricking its customers all this time after it has product labeling mispractices that end up shortchanging and harming customers.

Plaintiff Rand’s first claim revolves around Kilwins Quality Confections’ product lineup’s actual serving sizes.

He alleges that the company is not declaring the actual amounts of product contained in each item – adding that Kilwins Quality Confections’ Caramel Topping, Classic Shredded Chocolate, Fudge Topping, and Sea-Salt Caramel Topping products contain lesser amounts of product compared to what the company claims in the labeling.

The next claim concerns the company’s representation of calories contained in their product.

The class action lawsuit claims that the sweets company is deliberately understating the actual amounts of calories present in the product.

Though Kilwins Quality Confections have already changed its products’ packaging to reflect the truth about its sweets offerings, the plaintiff argues that the company has engaged in a visible pattern of unfair trade practices wreaking havoc and affecting its customers for at least three years running.

Rand also cites the company’s marketing tactic that boasts Kilwins Quality Confections’ use of pronouncements such as ‘finest ingredient’ used in their ‘highest quality products along with the ‘great service’ that it gives to its customers.

Yet he believes that the company has been hypocritical all this time considering the alleged actual circumstances presented.

Filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the Kilwins Quality Confections Candy Labeling Class Action is seeking to establish a class that would include all of the company’s customers who got deceived and underserved of their money’s worth by the company’s false product declarations.

 In its official court filing, Rand is seeking damages after Kilwin allegedly committed counts of breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Editor’s Note on Kilwins Class Action Lawsuit – False Serving Capacity & Calories:  

This feature aims to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Michigan’s Kilwins Quality Confections after it has allegedly duped its customers of its products’ actual contents and calories in its ingredients.

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