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Keurig Lawsuit Alleges Mislabeling on Coffee Pod Products

Mislabeled as Recyclable: The Keurig Lawsuit, Explained

A Keurig class action lawsuit was filed against Keurig on grounds that the company falsely labeled and marketed their famous coffee pods as recyclable when it clearly was not. Consumers allege that the company violated federal and state business and trade laws with the marketing claim and wants Keurig to pay unspecified financial damages as well as stop marketing and labeling their coffee pods, also known as K-cups, as recyclable. You can find the Keurig Lawsuit under the name: Matthew Downing, et al. v. Keurig Green Mountain Inc., et al., Case No. 1:20-cv-11673-IT, D.C. MA.

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The Keurig Eco-Friendly Rebranding

According to the class action lawsuit, “Consumers understand claims that a product is recyclable to mean not only that the product is manufactured with recyclable material, or that the product may be theoretically recyclable somewhere, but that the product will, if placed in a recycling bin, likely be recycled,” but that is not the case with Keurig.

When the company started supplying the market for home goods in 2004, their machines would brew individual coffee cups from small coffee pods containing single servings of ground coffee and a filter. The speed and convenience of the process of these machines became nearly an instant hit and other brands and manufacturers soon followed Keurig’s lead and started selling their own versions of single-serve coffee pod machines.

However, the public and environmental advocates clamored for an eco-friendlier approach with the plastic wastes that come with the use of the K-cups which prompted the company to address this and rebrand as an eco-friendly company.

In 2016, the marketing slogan for the K-cups changed to “Have your cup and recycle it, too” with a simple, three-step process: “Peel — Empty — Recycle.” The plastic used for the product was now claimed to be recyclable and started featuring the triangular chasing-arrow logo for recyclable products.

However, the K-cups were too small to be recycled in most communities and are prone to get crushed even smaller in the trash. “The result is that the vast majority of the purportedly recyclable pods that Keurig’s customers put in their recycling bins are not in fact recycled into new plastic products. Instead, contrary to the wishes and understanding of Keurig’s consumers, the used pods end up in landfills.”

This caused consumers to pay more for coffee pods that were marketed as recyclable when it was not.

Editor’s note on the Keurig Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Keurig Class Action Lawsuit. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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