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Kashi Mixed Berry Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Not Enough Honey & Berries

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Kashi Mixed Berry Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Not Enough Honey & Berries?

Kashi Mixed Berry Soft Baked Breakfast Bars Actually Has Lesser Amounts Of Honey And Berries Contrary To Label Claims 

Kashi Mixed Berry Soft Baked Breakfast Bars product is in the middle of a class action litigation claiming that the company misled its buyers into thinking that the proportion of its ingredients and its sweet taste coincided with their marketing claims, although the truth is the exact opposite. 

Kashi Sales, LLC Taken To Court For Allegations Of Misleading Customers

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Filed in an Illinois court, the Kashi Mixed Berry Class Action Lawsuit 2021 is accusing Kashi Sales, LLC of potentially misleading and untrue statements in their Mixed Berry Bars to entice consumers. 

Plaintiff Kevin Harris argued that Kashi mixed berry breakfast bars actually contained lesser honey and berry amounts in their ingredients which is contrary to what the company is trying to advertise via the labeling and marketing claims printed with it. 

Kashi purportedly placed statements that suggest that the breakfast bar snack was made of wildflower honey and mixed berry in a bid to make the everyday customer believe that they are buying a product that is predominantly made from the said ingredients.

However, the truth is Kashi Mixed Berry Bars actually has more apples and pears to it compared to berries. Furthermore, it is said that the sweet taste is mostly due to sugar and not from honey sweeteners. 

More Information About The Class Action

The class action filing further contended that consumers like complainant Harris willingly paid a higher price, for they believed the company’s marketing claims. Hence, with the arguments presented above, the class action claimed that customers ended up paying a premium for an item that did not have the value they were led into believing by Kashi. 

The Kashi Mixed Berry Class Action Lawsuit is taking Kashi Sales, LLC to court for alleged violations of different laws concerning food labels. Class groups in the states of Illinois, Texas, Iowa, Arkansas, and Ohio, consisting of those who bought Kashi Mixed Berry Soft Baked Breakfast Bars, are being petitioned. 

About The Company

Kashi Sales, LLC, or simply Kashi, is a more than three decades old company focused on producing different plant-based food products. Kashi makes and sells cereals, breakfast bars, and others. The latest figures suggest that the company is able to make revenues amounting to $15 million. 

Editor’s Note on Kashi Mixed Berry Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This report discusses the class action filed against Kashi after they allegedly misled buyers into thinking that they are paying for premium Mixed Berry bars containing noticeable amounts of berries and honey, yet the truth is far from that. A similar class action was filed against Kashi concerning their Ripe Strawberry Bars.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Kevin Harris v. Kashi Sales, LLC; Case No.: 1:21-cv-04359

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

Products/Services Involved: Kashi Mixed Berry Soft Baked Breakfast Bars 

Allegation(s): The Mixed Berry Bars contained more sugar sweeteners and other cheaper fruits compared to what was advertised. 

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