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JUUL Class Action Investigation; Are You Affected?

The History of the JUUL Class Action Lawsuits

Last September 2, e-cigarette company JUUL faced a class action lawsuit from Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. According to the class action, JUUL created their products in a way that attracts underage consumers and was ambiguous in the addictiveness of its product.

Ferguson also claimed that by “pushing unfair and deceptive marketing strategies appealing to youth,” JUUL’s e-cigarettes sparked a “staggering rise in vaping among teens.”

According to the state, the use of vape among high school sophomores in the state increased from 13% to 21% between 2016 and 2018. Meanwhile, the use of vape for middle school nationwide elevated from 0.6% to 10 percent.

JUUL Faces a Suit for Targeting Teens 

“Upon the launch of the device, the company flooded social media with colorful ads of young-looking models and pushed fruit and dessert flavored products,” Ferguson revealed. “At the same time, JUUL vehemently denied it marketed to underage users — echoing unlawful strategies used by major cigarette corporations in decades past.”

Ferguson asserted that deluded consumers by not mentioning that their cigarette pods have nicotine in their initial marketing. They only began complying in 2018 when the federal government required disclosure. According to Ferguson’s office, a survey from 2018 confirmed that 63% of JUUL users with age ranging from 15-24 years old were uninformed that the products contained nicotine.

Furthermore, the state alleged that JUUL didn’t meet the state’s vapor product licensing requirements. Thus, hypothetically, every JUUL device they sold from August 2016 through 2018 is said to be illegal.

Have you purchased a JUUL product from August 2016 to 2018? Let us know your story.

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Editor’s note on the JUUL Class Action Investigation:

This piece is created to inform the victims of the JUUL Class Action Investigation. If you believe that you are eligible to be a member of the class of consumers described in the class action, you may be entitled to receive any compensation the court may award.

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