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Just in Time Class Action Lawsuit Details – Illegal Tickets Hoarding

Just in Time Used Illegal Means To Hoard Tickets To Resell At High Prices – New York Authorities

Snagging a concert ticket of your favorite band or performing artist can be a real challenge. 

This is the case, most especially if they are a world-renowned artist and they sell out concerts in a matter of just a few minutes. 

This has led to a booming industry wherein scalpers patiently wait in order to buy tickets and resell them at an astronomical price compared to how much it would cost if bought at an authorized seller. 

Scalping is highly illegal, and authorities crack down on them harshly. They usually act on their own, and there is no concerted effort amongst accomplices in the carrying out of the crime. 

But how would you feel if there is a company that has a legal business operation set up yet is doing illegal acts akin to what scalpers do in order to sell tickets at a higher price? 

That is the case, according to the New York Attorney General, with ticket reselling company Just in Time Tickets, Inc. as the Attorney General contends, Just in Time uses bots and other illegal schemes to circumvent security features to buy up large numbers of tickets, which they end up reselling on their site at jacked up prices. 

Findings from the authorities claim that Just in Time uses fake accounts and multiple credit card information to hoard tickets from sellers such as Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster and other primary ticket-selling companies usually have security features set up in order to stop planned and concerted actions such as this from ever occurring. 

This modus operandi by the company leaves the everyday consumers and event-goers helpless as they shoulder hefty prices imposed on them by Just in Time when they buy their tickets from the reseller. 

“Their actions prejudiced consumers, who otherwise may have been able to purchase those tickets directly from Ticketmaster at a lower price,” the Attorney General stated in their complaint. 

It is speculated that Just in Time is able to earn more than $8.6 million in the conduct of this illegal act. 

It is worth noting, though, that the company has already settled an agreement with the authorities to stop this illegal act way back in 2016.

However, they have broken their promise and continued to do so in the following years hence the lawsuit. 

The latest lawsuit argues that the company, along with its top management, has transgressed the FCA and Better Online Selling laws. 

Editor’s Note on Just in Time Class Action:

This article is published to inform you of the latest New York Attorney General findings claiming that Just in Time has used bots and other illicit means in order to stock up on tickets to resell at extremely higher prices.

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