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Jersey Shore Medical Center Birth Injury Settlement

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Jersey Shore Medical Center Birth Injury Settlement – Parents To Get $600K Each While The Baby Gets Over $2 Million…

Jersey Shore Medical Center Agrees To Settlement, Ending Legal Battle Concerning Allegations Of Negligence Causing Birth Injury To One Of Its Patients 

New Jersey-based hospital Jersey Shore Medical Center has agreed to pay up almost three million dollars in a recent settlement agreement to resolve complaints of the medical center and its staff members’ alleged negligence to one of its patients. 

The settlement stemmed from a lawsuit filed against the hospital by a mother that went to Jersey Shore Medical Center to seek medical attention for her pregnancy issues. 

The expecting mother went to the hospital in mid-2015 after suffering from a bleeding incident. The incident has caused fetal distress. 

Fetal distress is a serious labor complication that causes the infant to not receive enough oxygen supply that they need and poses a grave threat to their health. 

After learning of this, the attending physician decided to induce labor. 

However, the whole ordeal was not easy, leaving the newborn child to suffer impairments as a result. 

The child even needed to be resuscitated and had to spend an additional period of time in the hospital to receive neonatal intensive care. 

The newborn even needed to undergo life-saving surgery to address the neurological concerns it was suffering from. 

This ended up with a lawsuit being filed against the hospital and two of its doctors by the parents of the newborn child.

They argued that because of the circumstances when the expecting mother was at when she was rushed to the hospital, the doctors should have done a caesarian delivery in order to ensure a safe birth. 

However, the doctors went ahead with a traditional method of delivery that ended up causing harm to the newborn child.  

Additionally, the parent plaintiffs argued that the attending physicians present should have relied on doing a full ultrasound in the hospital’s radiology department instead of a portable ultrasound device being used in the patient. 

On their counterargument, the legal counsel representing the doctors and the hospital claim that they did not do anything wrong and has stuck with the protocol undergone concerning standard care provided by the hospital and its staff. 

In addition, they claimed that the child’s complications are a result of its premature birth and not the medical decisions they have undertaken during the whole ordeal. 

Nevertheless, the medical center and its doctors have agreed to settle the lawsuit by paying up a little over two million dollars for the newborn child and six hundred thousand dollars to both of the parents. 

Birth injuries are a reality that many expecting parents experience in the United States. 

According to the website Birth Injury Support, there are about 28,000 birth injuries recorded annually, with most of them being preventable. 

This is roughly seven out of a thousand births in the country.

The Jersey Shore Medical Center Birth Injury Lawsuit is only one in the bunch wherein the aggrieved parties end up receiving some form of justice for the harm the whole ordeal has caused them. 

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Editor’s Note on Jersey Shore Medical Center Birth Injury Settlement:

This news feature aims to give you the latest update on the settlement agreement a New Jersey hospital has agreed to prevent further legal proceedings filed against them. 

The settlement will pay up aggrieved parents of a child that was allegedly subjected to negligence resulting in it suffering from harmful birth defects. 

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