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Jared The Galleria Diamonds Weight Class Action Lawsuit - Sterling Jewelers In Court Over Allegedly Misrepresenting Diamonds' Weight To Customers

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Jared The Galleria Diamonds Weight Class Action Lawsuit – Sterling Jewelers In Court Over Allegedly Misrepresenting Diamonds’ Weight To Customers…

Jewelry Company To Answer Allegations That They Misrepresent Their Diamonds’ Actual Weight In Florida Court 

A latest class action lawsuit is accusing Sterling Jewelers of overly stating the actual weights of their diamond offerings sold in its online and physical stores across the country. 

The Jared The Galleria Diamonds Weight Class Action Lawsuit is filed in a court in Florida accusing Sterling Jewelers Inc. of not properly disclosing information regarding their diamond offerings’ actual weight. 

Diamond Buyer Files A Case Against Sterling Jewelers 

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Filed by complainant Thomas Kimbro in late August 2021, the litigation is seeking to take Sterling Jewelers to court for their alleged misdeeds towards their clients. 

Kimbro claims that the jeweler purposely increases the total weight of most of their uncertified diamond jewels, for they know too well that the everyday customer cannot distinguish between the differences. 

Backing his claim, the plaintiff detailed that he bought a diamond ring from one of Sterling Jeweler Inc.’s Jared the Galleria stores located in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. Kimbro continued that his purchase came with two different information – one from the diamond’s product description and the other from a store-issued card containing information like insurance replacement estimates and the like. 

The product item’s description showed a relative estimate of the diamond’s total weight via the use of fraction comparisons to carats. 

Meanwhile, the other card displayed details of the diamond’s actual total weight in decimals. In addition, there were no disclosures present to show to the customers that the information there was accurate. 

Plaintiff Kimbro argued that clients like him are not able to determine the diamond’s actual weight and that they were tricked by the jewelry maker’s deceptive claims. 

Different Rules On How To Represent Diamond’s Weight 

The class action lawsuit also contends that the authorities have specific guidelines as to how to properly display and inform buyers of a diamond’s actual weight via decimals or fractions. 

Rules from the FTC or Federal Trade Commission mandate that whenever a diamond seller wants to state a diamond’s actual weight in fractions, they should be able to place a noticeable claim near the figure sharing that the actual weight is not exact. 

In the event that a diamond’s weight is to be represented via decimals, officials require makers to make the figures as exact and accurate as possible down to the last decimal place. 

The FTC recommends that the weight tolerance should be included for both types of information disclosure for all to see. 

Class Action Case Brief 

The Jared The Galleria Diamonds Weight Class Action Lawsuit is taking Sterling Jewelers, Inc. to court for a variety of charges ranging from breach of contract to unjust enrichment. The case is also arguing that the diamond dealer violated a variety of Florida’s consumer protection and unfair trade practices statutes. 

A nationwide Class, along with a Subclass consisting of Floridians, who bought diamonds from any of Sterling Jeweler’s physical Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and/or online that got tricked about the diamonds’ actual weight is being proposed. 

About The Company 

Sterling Jewelers, Inc. is an Ohio-based jewelry company that sells different jewelry pieces and precious gemstones. Founded in 1910, the company is now under Signet Jewelers Limited. The company is headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio. 

Editor’s Note on Jared The Galleria Diamonds Weight Class Action Lawsuit: 

This report discusses the issue concerning how Jared the Galleria of Jewelry misrepresented their diamonds’ actual weight to their customers. The educational company, Udemy, is also facing a class action over allegedly false discounts and prices.

Case Name(s) & No.: Thomas Kimbro v. Sterling Jewelers, Inc.; Case No.: 1:21-cv-23038-MGC

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Southern District of Florida 

Products/Services Involved: Jared the Galleria of Jewelry’s diamonds

Allegation(s): Sterling Jewelers did not follow the authorities’ instructions on how to properly declare and represent their diamond offerings’ actual weight in a bid to mislead consumers. 

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