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Hoover Vacuum Cleaners Lawsuit Over Misleading Label

“Made In USA” Label On Hoover Vacuums Are Misleading – Lawsuits Filed

Have you bought something lately just because you mainly relied on its label stating that it is made in the USA? Like the Hoover Vacuum Cleaners?

This statement serves as an assurance that the product has undergone stringent testing and strict quality control that makes it a high-quality product. 

However, this has been the main contention in the latest class action lawsuit filed against a company known for its home solutions products. 

According to Conrado Rizzi’s report on Class Action Org, Hoover vacuums maker is in legal trouble for its “Made in the USA” seal used in their products’ labels that were allegedly misleading its customers. 

The said class action lawsuit argues that the product is only assembled within the country’s confines with the use of “globally sourced components.”

Royal Appliance Mfg. Co., the company, named as a defendant in the lawsuit, does not contest this fact. 

In fact, the clarification is present but only presented in a less likely manner to be readily identifiable to the everyday consumer. 

This, however, is not enough to justify the claim that the company has made, which is equivalent to false representation. 

As the lawsuit’s official filing, it contends that the company imports its components from the People’s Republic of China and assembles the product in its manufacturing plants in the country. 

Additionally, the class action argues that for the company to be qualified to pronounce that their product is indeed made in the USA, the materials used must have undergone processes inside US soil. 

The suit continues that a more accurate label to use instead would be “Assembled in the USA” to fully disclose the nature of the products used, which were “globally sourced.” 

Filed in the United States District Court Southern District of New York, the class action lawsuit seeks to cover class members residing in Empire State during the prescribed period of the statute of limitations.

About Royal Appliance Mfg. Co.:

Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company was founded more than a hundred years ago. With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, it is known for its home appliances products – most notably in this case – the Hoover vacuums product line. 

Website: Vacuum Cleaners | Carpet Cleaners | Hard Floor Cleaners | Hoover

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Editor’s note on Hoover Vacuum Cleaners Lawsuit:

This article is created to inform you of the details regarding the latest allegations made against the maker of Hoover vacuum products over their misleading “Made In USA” label. 

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