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GS Labs Covid Tests Class Action Lawsuit

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GS Labs Covid Tests Class Action Lawsuit – Selling Three Tests To Gain Money From Insurance Companies?

Latest Class Action Accuses GS Labs Of Making Its Patients Take Non-Essential And Expensive COVID-19 Tests To Get Fees From Insurance Coverage

GS Labs is being sued in a recent class action lawsuit alleging it makes its patients take unnecessary COVID-19 diagnostic tests and forwards the bills to customers’ insurance companies to earn millions of dollars of profit as a result. 

Laboratory Facility Sued For Alleged COVID-19 Test Scam 

Filed in a Seattle-based court, the GS Labs Covid Tests Class Action Lawsuit aims to bring GS Labs, the defendant, to court for alleged misdeeds it has committed towards its patients and their insurance companies and providers. 

Headed by Premera Blue Cross, a non-profit insurance company suing GS Labs, the class action alleges that patients seeking COVID-19 tests from the accused are being misled into thinking that they need to get three tests, although there is no need for it. 

Premera Blue Cross details that it received a $26 million bill from GS Labs for patients who availed of the COVID-19 testing kits being offered by the company. It adds that the prices are artificially inflated and based on untrue claims raised by the testing company. 

The class action continues that the COVID-19 test kits’ prices can go as high up as to almost a thousand dollars – amounts that are significantly higher than other offerings done by other laboratory facilities. 

More Information Regarding The Premera Blue Cross v. GS Labs LLC Case

Furthermore, it is believed that GS Labs is using the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or CARES Act to pass on the high laboratory fees to private insurers like Premera Blue Cross. The law requires private insurance companies to pay medical facilities conducting COVID-19 tests at the ‘cash price’ listed on each one’s official webpage. 

Nevertheless, the GS Labs Covid Tests Class Action Lawsuit suggests that the defendant is able to skirt over the legislation by posting sham prices, asking its customers to pay in cash while offering big discounts, and not accepting other insurance policies like Medicare besides private companies. 

It is even reported that insurers like Premera Blue Cross are forced to pay in full by GS Labs and are threatened to be reported to the authorities in case they choose not to foot the bill. 

The GS Labs Covid Tests Class Action Lawsuit is looking to sue GS Labs for alleged transgressions of the Consumer Protection Act enforced in the state of Washington. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to report on this case and other COVID-19-related news via our official communications channels. 

Editor’s Note on GS Labs Covid Tests Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article features the recent class action case filed by a private insurance company against GS Labs for allegedly violating different laws by tricking its patients into taking unnecessary and costly COVID-19 tests. You might also be interested in Kaiser Health Wheelchair Lawsuit.    

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Premera Blue Cross v. GS Labs LLC; Case No.: 2:21-cv-01399

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Western District of Washington 

Allegation(s): GS Labs patients were misled into thinking that they need to take multiple COVID-19 tests.   

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